Documentation / harvesting of LOTE5: what? why? how?

Friday afternoon documentations

Hi everyone!

I would most gladly join the documenters team for Thursday afternoon and document :

Failure of Israeli - Palestinian negotiations: the peace industry and the endless peace process

Failures in development in Colombia - sneak preview and talk with the director J

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Meetup documenters 18:00 today Merab room

Hi all, it seems we have ourselves a team!

With @Kaja we thought of quickly meeting each other and agreeing how to coordinate over the next few days.

If you are at SmartBe for LOTE launch on Thursday, right after we will meet in Merab room, at 18:00 or immediately after the welcoming and before dinner. See you there!

wow, all the action …


I’m really impressed to see how effortlessly the notes are flowing in and how the documentation is taking shape and growing steadily. Seeing all that action on the docu team is awesome! :slight_smile:

As always, someone has to lag behind, and that’s going to be me, damnit! I’m trying to ignore a flu while working double shifts to make up for my last week’s absence because at Lote and next week’s because of Art of Hosting Karlskrona. Will try to be back a little later in March with typed up notes and reflections on the event in general … after jumping on another tree for a week!