Does anyone have an in with David Graeber?

The first time I talked to @Alberto about finances he mentioned he would love to invite David Graeber to a conference on finance.

I proceeded reading his book Debt: the first 5000 years and discovered everything I knew about finance (not much) was a lie, so I couldn’t possible agree more.

Let’s try to get in touch! Who knows someone that knows someone?

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He has quite a readership here on edgeryders, but my money is on @hexayurt to be at the shortest no. of hops away from him.

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Ben cut his hair or something?

I don’t remember. Something with involving hair and scissors. I guess you can ping him on twitter. Don’t remember exact handle, look for Ben Vickers. Or just get in touch via Graebers academic email address?



Wrote to me this weekend after he got in touch with Garebe asking what do you want to ask him? maybe take it from here @KiraVde?

Great + Help

@Alberto can you help me decide what we would want from mr. G?

I see two possibilities: he teaches us something (keynote/workshop) or he challenges LOTE participants with a question he himself the answer to (workshop, problem solving).