Does anyone want to present OpenCare with me at re:Publica?

Does anyone want to do this presentation with me?

"Dear Nadia [1],

thank you again for your session proposal for re:publica TEN! We are thrilled

– but also a bit overwhelmed – to have received so many great proposals

and it is really hard to filter out the best. I’m sorry that we inform you so

late and I really hope you still find the time to come to #rpTEN & to prepare

your session – as it is our pleasure to inform you that "Care by

communities |  How we can escape zero-sum thinking in provision of health-

and social care  [2]" has been accepted for the #rpTEN programme! \o/

We will now figure out the exact date and time of your session. In case  you

can only attend re:publica on certain days and didn’t let us know in the Call

for Papers form, please send us a quick message with details on your

availablility. If we still have questions concerning your proposal, we will

contact you.

Please note:

  • We’ll publish your session during the next days. Please proofread it and

make sure your session has an inviting title, a snappy short thesis (max. 500

char) and a descriptive abstract (max. 2,000 char).

-  If your planned session involves several people and their profiles are not

yet featured in your session, you may now invite/inform them. Please bear in

mind that for a 60 minutes session the number of speakers (including the

moderator) cannot exceed four, and at least half of the team should be

female. Please tell fellow speakers to register at and then put their usernames in the

speakers field of your session.


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