Don't Ask Me Where I'm From, Ask Me Where I'm Heading (Project Work for Designing Processes For Social Change Course)

Project and a Campaign for Diversity in Malmo. It is created during the course ‘Designing Processes for Social Change’ at Malmo University, Sweden

and here is the blog:

The project us based on Participatory Communication and Ethnographic Action Research.


Hi K,

I checked the page out, are you involved in it somehow?

yes, i focused on a blog&suggestions for further usage part

Plus 4 more people in a group: collecting stories -live and on facebook, building a website etc.

As it was participatory design based, there were much more people working on it than the course group. The way this project was designed is very similar to what we are doing on Edgeryders now for the conference.

The project was tackling Diversity and Multiple Identities Experience in Malmo, Sweden.

How does the approach work?

I’m curious about the reasoning and concept design, whether the tendency towards trying to find differences on rather than assume similarity is one that can be changed? I’m guessing you came across a lot of interesting projects or preccesses in your design research…Do you know of any examples of achieving behavioral change achieved through this kind of campaigning?

Thanks for your attention

Thanks for all this attention to this project. I’ll try to answer your questions.

I’m if sure if I understand what do you mean by ‘assume similarity’…

When we started the project we had no blueprint of what we want it to look like, so I hope we didnt have to many assumptions.

There are these buzz-words “Diversity”, “Identity” , “Stereotype” etc and we tried to find out how people we meet and ourselves,  live or “DO” these things.

We looked around and spoke to people, and idea of multiple identity and ‘where are you from’  popped out.

Examples of the participatory communication and participatory design.

Yes, there are few examples, from user driven software development to communication and architecture, crime prevention, innovation etc.

Check Voices of Kibera and SIDAREC for instance, an example from communication:

I think this one fits as well:

And this one is the PD used in architecture:

When it comes down to diversity and sharing urban space comfortably this is a good example: