DRAFT Covid19 Response Team Recruitment: Community journalist

You can help edgeryders accelerate our network of mutual aid response to the crisis, by sheding light on the wondrous people, stories, and initiatives from all over the world who are coping!

Your role is to spot insightful stories and invite a number of people to tell them - in individual or group conversations, in an interview, or a recorded phone call, it’s your choice.
The result of the work are inspiring, editorialized stories on edgeryders.eu.
The outcome of the work is collective learning and inspiration, which in turn offers you and your protagonists the opportunity to be seen as a mobilizing force.

How long will it take you?

We estimate 6 hours / story:

  • 1 hr to set up the conversation/ interview
  • 1-2 hrs to ask questions and document
  • 3-4 hrs to process the documentation into a well written story and upload it on the platform.

Is this a paid role?

Your first story is part of our community response and we cannot afford to cover it, sorry! But:

  • if the story generates a conversation with interesting insights (as deemed in the comments section), we can support the next steps such as: make it into a webinar with additional storytellers invited and production roles that are compensated financially (read the FAQs for more info).
  • Edgeryders is continuously advertising paid positions for community members who have demonstrated skills and commitment. If you enjoy the work and would like to continue, your track record puts you first in line to benefit from them.

Complementary resources and processes you can use:

Examples of great stories: