[DRAFT: Festival program]

This wiki is an ever evolving draft in which we add our list of proposals-under-development for sessions and speakers. Once the session’s key participants, first draft of contents and logistics (date and location) and partners (ideally) are confirmed, the session is posted as an event in either the NGI , Wellbeing, Research Network, Earth Os or other category depending on the focus/intended audience for the session.

The Festival a nutshell

The structure of the program is that different activities organised by different crews in different places using a set of shared practices and tools. Development of the festival program content is an open collaborative process and happens via the online platform. The different teams coordinate via regular video chats and our dedicated chat channel (we use a self hosted, open source alternative to Slack).

The program consists of series of sessions and activities taking place at different times in different locations within a 10-Day period.

  • Webinars
  • Talks and workshops in Brussels
  • Local meetups (matchmaking & partnership building) - Brussels Prague, Warsaw, Belgrade, Berlin, Stockholm

Registration: Tickets are not for free but can not be bought for money. You get a ticket by proposing, or helping to develop, a session or satellite event in the festival program.

Anyone is welcome to contribute or participate in a session. The process is simple:

  1. You create an account & Introduce yourself
  2. You give thoughtful feedback to 3 proposals for sessions in the program
  3. Community managers send you the tickets and a welcome pack

If you wish to host your own session leave a comment for @johncoate below or email john@edgeryders.eu

If you wish to become a festival partner leave a comment for @hugi below or write to hugi@edgeryders.eu to explore the options available

FAQs: See the comment section below - if you cannot find what you are looking for post a new comment with your question in it, we will reply within 1-2 days.

The program under development

Please add any session or partnership which you are exploring/discussing/developing to the list below so that everyone knows who is working on what to avoid duplication/spamming - even if discussions are at a very early stage


Welcome to add your own happening to the list below following the same format as the one we made for Brussels!


An event on New Internet tech, equality and justice - coordinated by Edgeryders OU in partnership with Digityser, FEPS (t.b.C) and… you

Morning session: Inequalities in the age of AI, what they are, how they work and what we can do about them (moderated panel + audience Q&A, 60 min)

Evening session: AI, Blockchain, Smart Cities? How we can make technological choices that lead to more justice and fairness for all (opening talk + deep dive, 120 min ).

  • Confirmed Speakers: Fabrizio Barca, ex Minister of finance and treasury in Italy.

  • In Partnership with: Digityser (@rmdes), FEPS ( tbc, @nadia is discussing with them)… and YOU!

  • How you can get involved:

  1. Help us/connect us with people who can to draw in political/institutional participation and advocacy for the event
  2. Comment the session content under development here (please feel free to propose yourself or someone else as a speaker)
  3. Help edit the session description text
  4. Feel free to propose other things you would like to contribute or see happen!

ping @hugi @johncoate

Give meaningful feedback is what I would say. Or something to that effect.

Is “partner” essentially another organization that we team up with to provide finances, resources, content?

Content, promotion/outreach (add their social media to the countonme dissemination list, send a reporter etc), participation in the proposal building and matchmaking sessions (esp potential lead consortium partner for joint funding applications), resources (venue, accomodations or travel for participants, sponsorship).

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@johncoate this looks fun – I am potentially interested in offering something but would need to talk this through with people first.


I can’t make it on Nov 19, but perhaps Corinne Cath (OII) could? She’s awesome.


could you do an introductory email maybe? I can take it from there.