DreamKyiv - urban development and collaborative activism project

I have come across the project “DreamKyiv” slightly after Maidan in 2014, and it’s organizers were extremely active in trying to bring changes to the capital of Ukraine via control over the local government, over making reforms in urban development, over changes in administrative services in Kyiv. Initiative has been started during Euromaidan by two Kyiv residents - Ruslan Kavatsyuk and Maxim Yakover. The idea is to help the inhabitants of Kyiv to regain citizen Kyiv turn power over the city. It is done via access to information on the city in a simple and understandable form.

One of the team members of DreamKyiv is Anna Ustenko, who is an editor on the DreamKiev online resource, aiming to point out various urban and social development present in Kiev.

What are the main projects of the DreamKyiv initiative?

There were couple of projects that were initiated by the active group of volunteers:


It is a project that is aimed to redo the urban environment into the beautification of the city. Project aims to redo two urban spaces: boulevard Vernadsky and Historical house “Khrushov Dacha” in the center of Kyiv.  Stucture is also a a pop-up festival of the city, which works on to creating by the Kyiv people and others to  produce effective mechanisms such transformations.

Map «DreamKyiv-control." The project is done on Google maps

The idea is to  establish  a website online edition of DreamKyiv interactive map of  two layers. The first layer - “What local Kyiv deputies are doing”, the second layer - “What citizens want.”

The goal - to make contact, cooperation between citizens and city council member and thus stimulate the transformation to a more comfortable Kyiv city. The social significance of the project is that the people of Kiev will receive convenient and efficient service to local government control and cooperation with it. As a result people of Kyiv will know who their majoritarian MPs and will be able to control its activity / inactivity and keep in constant contact with him. This will quickly solve problems and areas of Kyiv citizens will give an opportunity to make at the next local elections a choice. The project has two components: First Layer “What local Kyiv deputies are doing”- Interactive map of beautification projects that are implemented by Kyiv City council. This map enables citizens to supervise the work of deputies or omissions of his district. The map is aimed at “transparency power” of deputies and assistants. All new projects are moderated. Each point on the map has: a brief description of the project’s  done by deputy, object of the project, a reference to the deputy profile on Online DreamKyiv website, comments space. Another Layer is “What citizens want”. It is an Interactive map of Complaints in the city. Every citizen after registering on the site DreamKyiv can leave a message on the map in respect of a municipal facility. All posts are moderated. Each point on the map has: a brief description of the problem, object, a link to the profile of the deputy who is responsible for this problem,  commentary section, and the “vote for the proposal.” The purpose of voting - increase the chances of initiatives to be implemented. Each new message alerts by email the respective deputy. This layer serves as a map of electronic reception of Deputies. After solving the problem moves into section “What local Kyiv deputies are doing”.

Development of park “Partizan Glory”

Partisan Glory Park - is a green area in Kyiv, with an area of over 110 hectares, which is littered. Aim of the project would be to renovate and clean the park, expand foot and bicycles paths, install modern lighting, sports zones etc.

Basically “DreamKyiv” project aims on any project that can improve urban scenery, lifestyle of it’s citizens etc. Everything is done voluntarily with support from locals, yet the project is creating partnership for the project to be successful and to go on. No financing is being done through grants. Only activists, locals and partnerships with other organizations, institutions etc.

What is your team and what are the ways of development the project?

Initially there were couple of organizers of the general idea to help reconstruct and develop the city. Now there are main leaders of each of the project that are collaborating with activists in each of them.  The work is done voluntarily yet for instance online edition is being financed as to the technical assistance and for some journalist work.

Contacts: DreamKyiv online edition: DreamKyiv DremKyiv control group: Redirecting...

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Add link?

As the Future Makers project takes shape, tactical urbanism and bottom-up urban planning  are becoming more and more central. Initiatives like DreamKyiv are very precious for our  work. Could you add a link to their website(s)?

Think I found it…

I am only now reading this but it sounds super.

I think this is the link to their website, but only in Ukrainean: http://www.dreamkyiv.com/

Seems like a compelling info portal with news/events about urban planning and development.

Is DreamKyiv-control up and running though? I would be curious of an example of problem or citizen demand that was made and how it became prominent, eventually solved? Thanks @nataliegryvnyak for this story, really enjoyed reading.

Dear Noemi,

indeed the DreamKyiv control is still in action. In particular this is the example of one of their works:

is the list of promises of Kyiv mayor Volodimyr Klichko, that activists have formed. Afterwards there was a research conducted on the implementation of those promises and printing them out on their public community portal DreamKyiv