Dreams and Discourse

We have now developed an integration between Dreams and Discourse. A Discourse instance can be linked to an organization on Dreams. Projects that are posted on Dreams get their own Discourse thread, and comments on Dreams are stored as replies to that thread.

This proposal/project on Dreams:

Corresponds to this thread on the Blivande Discourse:


When the project is updated on Dreams, the post on Discourse is updated in real-time.

If we want this for Edgeryders projects, we can have it. I have created an Edgeryders org, and we can easily add a custom domain to dreams.edgeryders.eu.

To connect to edgeryders.eu, we would need to accept that the API key of the system user is stored on the SenseStack servers. This will not be required later, but right now we are unlisting and listing topics which is an admin function. We will implement another solution within the next few months that will only require sending us an API key of a non-admin bot user that posts the topics.

We are just about to add ToS and GDPR agreements next week and start offering it as a service. It is free for now, but we will start paid plans later this year.

Ping @nadia, @owen, @matthias


Hmm interesting! What’s the idea behind posting the same content on both platforms? Do you want to use the forum as an accessible entry point and point them towards using Dreams?

Is this integration two-way? Means, are comments posted to the Discourse thread also posted to the corresponding Dreams project?

What would you see us using it for? Proposing and evaluating application options, collaborations and other business opportunities?

Mostly the other way around actually. On Dreams, people are prompted to create project proposals where they answer a set of questions in a form, upload some pictures and set a budget.

These proposals can then be peer-reviewed and improved, for example, to meet some guidelines - as happened for this proposal to our gallery at Frihamnstorget.

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 16.46.23

Dreams has other features that the forum doesn’t have, like co-budgeting.

However, many projects need to be discussed in-depth and the discussion needs to be referenced and quoted elsewhere. And if some things are discussed on Dreams, it becomes messy and fragmented.

This way, engagement could start with someone posting a proposal, which them leads them into a discussion with people on the forum, and eventually into other topics and conversations in the community.

Connecting Dreams to Discourse (integration with Loomio is also planned) is a way to make sure that those discussions end up with the rest of the conversations of the community.


For example, when we run decentralized events like the Edgeryders Festival in 2019 or the OCI incubator. It becomes a structured entry point, and it becomes unambiguous for people if their proposals have been accepted and funded.

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this looks dope - question: what kind of hand-holding would you say is required for new users and for how long?

It really depends on the proficiency of the users, but most of these applications were made by new users without any prior experience of the platform without any hand-holding: https://dreams.blivande.com/gallery

Basically, submitting a project should not be much harder than filling out a google form.

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looks awesome @hugi

Question - does the url on the dreams platform have a correspondence to the topic ID on discourse?

I’m working on project pages that automatically aggregate different types of content from a discourse category. If say a dreams topic exists in a specific category, it could be cool to display it with a direct link to the project on the dreams platform.

And a more general question - are you considering having a payment mechanism on the platform for accepting contributions to a project?

No. Discourse integration is an add-on rather than a core feature, most orgs will just have comments stored in the Dreams database.

I suppose could be achieved by tweaking the Dreams code so that all Dreams topics got the same tag?

Yup! It will be implemented, but probably not until after the summer.

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Yep, exactly what I was thinking. The way I’ve set up events and pages for example is simply by filtering topics by tag (‘event’/‘page’) in a category, so if this could be automated it would work really well.

As long as the topic on Discourse has a link to the project on Dreams (which seems to be the case here) it should only take a bit of regex to parse the URL and create a link to the right page. I’ve already done this with GitHub URLs in manuals - which you can see here.

Very interesting :slight_smile:

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