Dutch Nursing Combats Social Isolation And Depression Among The Elderly

This is a beautiful story.

In an effort to save on rent, some Dutch college students are living at nearby nursing homes. In exchange for 30 monthly volunteer hours, the students get free housing in vacant rooms.

It seems to be a win-win for everybody. Not only are the students living in better accommodations than student housing and not racking up as much student debt, but they’re providing a better quality of life for the eldest residents by socializing, helping them with tasks, and teaching them tech-savvy skills like using email, social media and Skype. The bonding created from spending time together is incredibly important for everyone. Social relationships are key to human well-being and in the maintenance of health. The intergenerational living model started in 2012, with a few more nursing homes follow.  Regular social interaction is necessary for mental health as well as social interaction.

Read the complete story here:  Students move-in with residents in Dutch nursing home and help combat social isolation and depression among elderly | The Independent | The Independent

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