E-mails not functioning

Hi @matthias, it seems edgeryders emails are not working. @ivan confirms. Probably others are experiencing the same issue. I’m using Thunderbird.
Anything you can do?

@matthias can you please confirm you saw this message?
There are some ongoing processes for Poprebel and Treasure, we are still not receiving anything.

Ping @daniel also

I got the e-mail notification about this message right now, after repairing the e-mail notifications :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, the edgeryders.eu e-mails work again. Both receiving to edgeryders.eu addresses, sending from edgeryders.eu addresses and sending by Discourse (notifications etc.). As far as I can tell, no incoming or outgoing e-mails were lost, but the server may now need some hours to work through the backlogs, including forwarding to destination addresses where people receive their e-mails (if they use a forwarder setup).

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Hello, we have been trying to reach you for a couple of days now, @matthias and @daniel
I hope all is food with you.

The mail server is down again