E- Rain Gate – Automatic smart gates for storm water inlets with electronic maintenance

New Innovation to prove the roles of Computer Program in our live and how it will control a lot of engineering fields to improvement the Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation (Storm water O&M) and increase protectively, accurate result and quality of life, being environmentally friendly (Green Management).


(Registered Patent No.: 2011/ 514 (Egyptian Patent Office)). & Patent Software No.: 001936/ 2012 (The Egyptian Ministry of

Communications and Information Technology -Patent Office) ITIDA

  • (Automatically Smart Gates for Storm water Inlets (Open & Close) on rain time by (Water sensor) to Prevent the entry of sand in the drainage of rain or filled in it, leading to the accumulation of rainwater in the street outside the storm water Inlet
  • With Electronic Maintenance by (Distance sensor) to clarify the proportion of the amount of sand inside the inlets without (removing the inlet cover or check it) the invention is particularly useful in tropical countries (torrential rains are common), or desert countries (wind distributed sand before rains), it reduces the risk of environmental damage by floods

Video Link http://youtu.be/0CHCxeNePtc

R&D Link: http://www.ijser.org/onlineResearchPaperViewer.aspx?Civilectronics-The-Electronically-Control-of-Civil-Works-for-Infrastructure.pdf

The Environmental Technology Invention Advantages (Green Management Invention):

  • This invention is particularly useful in tropical countries where torrential rains are common, or desert countries where wind distributes a sand before rains (Gulf countries), where it reduces the risk of environmental damage by floods.
  • By Applying this invention with (networks and Control Unit): so that it will be the work of network connection between the gates together and Control Unit, aim of the network is to transfer data and control the gates of the control rooms compound for the collection, management, processing and analysis of data where you can: lock or open the gates by hand when emergencies like (Flood Water Sewerage - The gates are locked to prevent entry of contaminated water and access to the sea to pollute the environment), but naturally they operate automatically.
  • It can also be controlled by control unit electronically rather than manually as it is in the example above when Flood Water sewage are electronically (Control Unit) contact with the (Console Meteorology) to know the times of rainfall and if proves that there is no rain in this time, the control unit automatically begin to lock the gates and abolition of order from this sensor gates which is need to open because presence of water, and contact with the emergency team to inform them of important gates that must be investigated

Additional Advantages:

  • Saving time and effort for the workers by (Electronically Maintenance work) by measuring the percentages of sand in the storm water Inlet inside without (removing the inlet cover or check it or using more labors, etc) (electronically).
  • Electronic drawing print end of the work day shows the percentage of sand in the number and place of inlet with time maintenance check in the storm water Inlet without fraud in the periodic maintenance and rely on manual maintenance incorrect information.

To prove the Social Acceptability of the Proposal):

The Device was selected in third place internationally in Sweden International Fair of Inventions 2011, Win 11 Nos. of International Innovation Medals (7 Gold, 1 Silver & 3 Bronze) with 12 Nos. of International Innovation Certificates, the Legion of Honor, Special Award, 4Nos.of the Outstanding International Diplomas and adopted & published internationally in more than 4Nos. of international engineering conferences  ((Sweden, Taiwan, Malaysia, ROMANIA, Russia, Kuwait, Korea, Ukraine, China, BELGRADE Taiwan, Morocco, Italy and Egypt)


It is New Innovation to improvement the Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation (Storm water O&M) and increase protectively, accurate result and quality of life, being environmentally friendly (Green Management).

Using the evaluation of the strategy of flexibility on this new Technology (E-O&M Storm water), we will be the pioneers for all countries in the development of this technology, there is little likelihood that a competitor and get us out of the market, and our vision is to continue developing and researching that improve this environmentally friendly Technology. we have a product with which we can influence the market with high growth potential by investing in training, research, innovation and constant development without affecting the environment.

Will be the large sales because will buy for governments not individuals and also the number of exits (Inlets) it many because away of Inlets to second Inlets between 20-25 meters this means only on one kilometre = 50 exits (Inlets) , Imagine that the

E-Gates will be used in only one City whole.

super interesting

Hello @Khaled Elnems and welcome to edgeryders …

this is super interesting actually - I didn’t get the technical details - but I c there r lots of potential for this in many cities

so how far r u in the realization of this invention , from the video i c u already have a prototype , but did u try it in bigger scale ? a district may be as a trial ?

how do u c it coming to life since u mentioned u will be working with governments as it is related to an infrastructure thing  but what challenges do u face in this issue -working with governments ?

also do u think there is a way to hack or make it open for all - at least the info that comes from the sensors- so anyone who can help with it can do rather than depending on a central “figure” like the government to make the maintenance or does it include more detailed technical issues

looking forward to hear from u …

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