Earthquake 2072: Have you forgotten it?

Now it’s simple to be oblivious of the state we were in two months ago, right after that midday cracker. That long gasping sounds, which thrilled the beats of millions. And the aftermath it brought left smiles in the face of no one. How was that day like ? For you who were in the valley ? Can you ever forget that moment. That instant ! May be you were not hurt. May be your old family members were not the ones who were buried below the wrecks of houses. May be none of your friends were missing, may be none of the ones you really know got even hurt by a falling thing. But did you smiled ? Could you have laughed ? Were you even a bit happy ?

I don’t think you should continue to read further if you answer ‘Yes’. I think I saw the real world after the shake. I think that shake really brought something out from deep down the people living in this busy city of Kathmandu. Funny thing the destruction of the soul less buildings and all flourished such immense feelings. The ever rising Victims toll. We thought that would never stop. But it’s calm now. And may be it’s now easy to forget that.

That day I saw why we are humans. I saw people helping each other. Police vans carrying the victims to the hospital. Doctors rushing here and there. But I didn’t felt this certain feeling that time. I was running through Bir hospital that day. But now I remember that couple who were crying in the bench over their lost son, that woman who was crying by the side of her husband who had lost his legs. That old woman who couldn’t even stand and was lying on the bench, her grandson who was panicking on what he could do. I saw humanity in such an inhumane day. With bloodstains in my hand.

I cannot forget that. May be you can if your day was easy. It happens. But now if we are talking about the disaster, we definitely are talking about how we acted after it. Every Nepali got a sense of sympathy, more over a feeling that they wanted to help. Both who were inside the country and out. The huge flow of relief funds and materials. That was a great thing to hear in such hours of troubles.

Also the people all over the world. The foreigners. And this group of Future Makers, who were still continuing the work. But now the question, is how to continue on the work. Because we know what we have done till now is still not enough. That there are greater troubles to handle. Who should do it ? how can they ?

Co-operation is the word. We cannot be with specific ideas and go on individually in times like these. Just helping for satisfying oneself doesn’t sounds brilliant when you look back at it. The problem will be there and all you can say is you tried that you contributed a little. So we all with positive mind frames, with the will to do should gather and the try to focus what the next step. Its a universal approach, but it works if done with devotion.

The major challenges of Nepal are still the tough geography. But by this time the aid materials must have already been delivered to the places. So now, we have to try to focus on something that is a bigger problem. Which is illiteracy. Its the greatest demon may be. The low education standard throughout Nepal has become a trouble for decades now and made famous by the course books. Each year government is spending its biggest share of budget in the improvement of eduction, and its the biggest flop. So we need to plan on improving the education bar in the rural. May be proposing the government schools there, off-course with earthquake proof buildings. And other education facilities like public libraries, awareness program, adult classes. All these. We don’t necessarily need the big donations from all over the world. We just need to cooperate, with ourselves.