Earthquake hits: a tragedy, but Natalia is fine

A tragic earthquake hit the Katmandu area in Nepal today. Hundreds of lives are estimated to have been lost. Many people have been asking about the Edgeryders team in Nepal: I am happy to report that @Natalia_Skoczylas is unharmed – we called her today, she sends a hug to you all. As for @Matthias, he is still in Germany, and not supposed to leave for a few days more. We will keep you informed.

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I just heard that there was another earthquake today.

Any news on @Matthias and @Noemi?

Matt and Natalia are safe

They’ve both posted updates on social media saying they’re alright and their home is standing.

Thanks for asking… I guess they’ll be here with updates as soon as they can. fingers xx

All fine, we’re having an outdoor chillout now …

We are just having an outdoor chillout before our house. Three friends came over for the night because our house is the most earthquake safe here :slight_smile: So, nothing to worry about us atm.

(Actually we were having a chillout yesterday evening, but I got interrupted while writing the comment by good discussions …)

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