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The values of Edgeryders have been quite clear right from the start: the idea that we all are policy experts, because it is our life that is being made policy on; and respectful engagement on the open web, leading to constructive collaboration between citizens and their institutions. So far so good. Many people, wanting to participate, have been asking us: how is that just going to work? What do you actually do on Edgeryders?

The answer is simple: you research issues and provide your insight. It should not be hard: we are talking about issues you know very well, because you deal with them every day. Tasks are designed so that they only take a limited time and effort, but their results are still meaningful just because of the deep-ingrained expertise underlying it.

To learn more about what kinds of questions we will be asking ourselves, look here. At the same time, you play. There is a trace of gaming in Edgeryders: completing missions means earning points, going up levels, joining one of the Houses of the Edge, and many more things besides. We will be blogging about the gaming elements soon. Stay tuned!

Below is a very simple illustration of the output we want to produce; an exercise of building a shared vision of transition, by pooling together pieces of research and trying to make sense of it all. That’s not an easy task my friends, and moving from research to policy needs more than just fitting together pieces in a puzzle… are you up for the challenge?

Ethnographic research on Vimeo Ethnographic research from Jordi Parra on Vimeo.