Easy Doc

Easy Doc is an app designed to simplify the approach that each person has with the world of healthcare.

The user the app is intended for, is a person who is for the first time in a stranger city for various reasons, work or travel.

Suddenly they have an emergency related to their health, they need for an urgent attention but they do not know where to ask for advice.

Through this app, with the help of geolocation on a map, the user can identify three categories of health services whose they could have an immediate need (medical, public or private health facility, pharmacy).

The ease of use allows the user to find the service they need as near as possible to them.

Pharmacies, hospitals and clinics can be localized, with their day and night schedules and their availability.

About the specialists, the user can:

-check reviews and the starlets popularity (on a scale from one to five) assigned to each doctor by other users who have benefitted in the past of their performances;

-book directly, consulting a calendar in which they can select the day and time of the visit;

-make a reservation by phone call;

-enter into a private chat with the doctor to book their visit or ask for a quick medical advice.

Once the visit would have taken place, the user will be invited by the app to give a feedback about the service they have received. It is expressed through the starlets and/or by a written comments.

Moreover, a planner would show the user their appointments and push up notification would remind them the forthcoming ones.

The present status of the project is the developing one.

A brainstorming has helped us to find out problems and needs of the users and the possible solutions.

We have highlighted components and characteristics of the app, the challenge we want to face and the characters involved.

Through an Empathy map, we have figured out who actually are our users of the app.

A User flow has drafted which pages should link to each other, to design call-to-actions that lead users through the right screen flow.

Then Wireframes have visually illustrated the structure of the app. They have also been useful to allow a stranger to the app to test it and to point out possible mistakes.

We are now working at the final prototype and we hope to start a new Usability testing as soon as possible.

The goal is to improve the service offered from the app and to facilitate the search for future users.