Easy https with Let's Encrypt

The EFF presented the Let’s Encrypt project at 31C3. Of course, another 31C3 talk revealed that SSH has been compromised, but there you go. :frowning:

edgeryders.eu already uses SSH, but maybe this can be of interest to other people in the community.


I get impression that you might confuse Secure Shell (SSH)  with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Both based on Public-key cryptography but used in quite different way…

I stand corrected

My bad, @elf_Pavlik, and thanks for noticing. I browsed the Wikipedia article rather than really reading it, so I made the mistake.

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HTTPS for paranoids

The EFF’s “Let’s Encrypt” software approach seems nice.

It’s definitely needed. I remember spending hours for finding out how to set up HTTPS securely. And here on edgeryders.eu I did not even implement all of the stuff I mention in that article (yet; like restricting ECDHE elliptic curve algorithms to only some safe curves, relevant for deterring three-letter agencies at least for some time). As they say, crypto is safe and all, but TLA’s main advantage is bad implementations and bad usage of crypto.