Econ-SF Istanbul: the reading list

This is the latest version of the reading list as we had to synthesis and consolidate. Please share any feedback by 10am GMT tomorrow (Friday) for @alex_levene, as we need to finalise the design for print by noon.

You can see the whole content for the booklet here

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Here is the whole of LeGuin’s brief speech at the national book awards with the quote I mentioned above, in case you want to include it. It’s quite interesting in calling out the specific economics of story telling, which might be useful:

We could also add this essay by Kameron Hurley, which takes a feminist angle on the narrative disorder problem. This is tangential to economics, but useful for talking about why fiction, especially speculative, is important and the responsibilities to “truth” as well as imagination: "'We Have Always Fought': Challenging the 'Women, Cattle and Slaves' Narrative" by Kameron Hurley - A Dribble of Ink

Yes indeed I included the LeGuin quote you shared just above the reading list!

Perfect for me, thanks.

It’s great, but kind of overwhelming. Must be, what? 30 hours of reading? I guess we can only treat it as a list of references, for participants to check out after the seminar. Let’s make a mental note to try, the next time, to produce a much shorter one that people could look up before the event, with the purpose of getting more out of it. This might be unrealistic, however.

@Raffaele, I am about halfway through Clancy and Moschini. Are you sure it’s clearer than Stiglitz? Stiglitz has all these nice examples (Henry Ford fighting in court against the generic patent for an automobile) and real-world trouble (patents have this tendency to encroach on things and become too long and broad).

During our last call we made explicit that we do not expect people to read anything before the meeting. Apart from Ha-Joon Chang 2018, all the others are too long to be read before.
With this in mind, I thought Clancy & Moschini could work as a reference paper for those willing to go deeper in the topic. Stiglitz is fine as well, no problem at all to replace Clancy & Moschini with Stiglitz.

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