Econ-SF, the event: how would you define it?

Hi everybody,

I’m helping Ilaria on the communication front of the Econ-SF event and one of the first things we need to address is sharing a common vision of what the event will be.

In this regard, one exercise that I always ask to perform when I’m helping communicate a project is trying to write a project definition in less than 140 characters.

This means writing a sentence in the form:

Econ-Scifi is [a / the] [noun] [that / for / to] …

Alberto already shared his definition with me, which is:

Econ-Scifi is the seminar to learn how we can build a (totally) different and healthy economy, that makes people happy and doesn’t destroy the planet.

Notice that the noun for @alberto is seminar.

Before adopting a single definition, it would be great to hear different points of view on the event, especially the ones from @matthias , @noemi, @nadia, @johncoate, @hugi.

Can you please post your definition here before Thursday evening?


P.S. I’m also starting a separate thread on the naming of the event

I would call it a conference. Seminar is a one hour thing imo

I use the word “seminar” to convey going deep into intellectual rigor. But I agree that it’s academic and geeky.

Thanks Nadia!
Also how would you describe this conference?
The conference to/that/for … ?

Using the unlimited imagination of science fiction as the basis, this event aims to take the broadest possible look at what global economic system or group of systems would best promote universal prosperity while reversing the momentum of otherwise inevitable climate disruption and the massive consequences that would result.

For personal reasons I am staying out of this one… other than tagging the content to include in the festival site if you send me a PM to do so. Good luck!

@ilaria I forgot to tag you!

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Econ-SF is the place where discussing the future of economy in a climate and environmental uncertain scenario.