Economic Bridging to a More Thrivable World

@alberto asked us to put our message to him into a post here. Thus:

Hello, I am Jean Russell. I am the author of several books: Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works and Cultivating Flows: How Ideas become Thriving Organizations (with Herman Wagter). I also have some articles and other people mention my work. I can supply a list if you want.

For the last couple of years, I have been working on Holochain (including project lead for our fully successful ICO of Holo). Currently I co-direct a sister organization, Commons Engine, where we hope to make it easier and faster (supported by tech) to create commons-centric economies with better governance around data commoning. We also teach a “currency design” class that I would call “incentives and gamification of markets” more than currency design (as financialization).

I find the world needs so much inspiration and education to understand what we are doing. I am curious how storytelling and implementation can play together. I think it is deeply transformational to pull these things together for mutual uplift.

I don’t know what I want to work on.

  • I have considered writing another book, this time about the business models that can replace surveillance capitalism and make the decentralized web viable while transitioning us to a more commons-centric economy.
  • I am interested in commons governance (and the use of money as a last resort rather than first suggestion).
  • I wonder if Demurrage could play a role in decoupling us from the growth imperative.

Oh, and my publisher is interested in what we are doing with the lab.

I am curious. I might abandon the explicit avenue and write scifi that inspires a vision of the above!

And yes. On impulse I decided to fly over for the event!

I think it is important.


Looking forward to reconnecting!

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