Edgeryder Festival Locations in Berlin

call at this link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


@MariaEuler told me yesterday you are going to have a location only for the 22nd.

I wonder if we can share that event together somehow. We plan to do the hackathon on the 23rd and 24th and do an intro evening on the 22nd with all the projects, and then a get together.

Can we maybe jump on a quick call this weekend or next week to see if we have the possibility to do the evening together? Would be cool to get the edgeryder community in one place there :slight_smile:

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Since multible of you are together there in Berlin and think about starting on the same day, we wondered if maybe we should add a shared budget point of (maybe 300 euro?) and try to find someone who would be interested in organizing a socializing party for the participants afterwards.

Sorry to come in a little late.
I just filled in the typeform form, proposing a text + discussion event about philosophical backgrounds and design quidelines for inclusive social communication tools.
I think it could serve as a transition between the Warm Data Lab and the hacking proper. For good interaction it would be best with about 10 participants, but it could be done more than once.