Edgeryder Festival Locations in Berlin

Dear community members,

The responses to the Edgeryder Festival Call so far have shown that Berlin will be one of the hotspots for the “real life” meetings, events and workshops during the Edgeryders festival. (others are Brussels, Warsaw and Stockholm for example).

Especially the events planned n berlin will be very hands-on workshops and hackathons as it fits the community there very well.

This means that we need to have locations for hose events.

@mrchrisadams and @Jaaacob you indicated beeing able to help to find locations, could you maybe share links to the places you have in mind and say something about their availability or how long before we would need to book?

@ all the other community members from of familiar with berlin, please also add if you know good spaces in the city.

And also: Please sign up for the Festival and tell us where and how you would like to participate here:

@ those who would like to contribute a talk in berlin like @pbihr, @BlackForestBoi, @JollyOrc and @mrchrisadams, please post a quick estimate of your needs (space for how many people, for how long, food?, tables?, beamer?, Electricity?..)

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I think @phoebe also spends considerable time in Berlin? And @adz also lives in Berlin and might perhaps be interested? See this thread for context.

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@danohu @peteratomic @natalia_skoczylas @eirinimal @samim (for ideas about possible venue that could use support via us renting it) @ela (whom I think might be interested because of your various interests and work around e.g deep ecology - guys for context maybe have a look this announcement and this discussion this proposal for one of the workshops/sessions for context Ela, platform economy, livelihoods of professional content producers ) - Dunno if @iamkat @jessy_jetpacks spend any time in Berlin.

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There’s a venue ran by my friends with a kitchen, in Neukolln, that I would always love to support - we did Culture Culture there in May. It’s an art/biohacking space run by a collective. But it’s not very big


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Another idea would be to tie it with events we’re organizing with the NGO I co-founded in Berlin, Experimentelle Zukunfstlabor - we have a long-term partnership with German Federal Association for Sustainability and they offered us spaces for free in their office, which is pretty well located between Kreuzberg and Mitte.

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I could also try to contact the Supermarkt at Mehringplatz, they focus on decentralized governship and similar things - I could see this as adjacent.

But the German Federal Association for Sustainability sounds great too!

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They’re actually neighbours! and my friend is collaborating with Supermarkt, i’d love to finally meet them

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oh you can talk to @ela I think

What is the capacity we’d be aiming for?

I’m a fan of supermarkt too, and I think it has space for up to 100 ppl easily, with AV for events anyway.

I’ll be free to join the planning call next week.

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@mrchrisadams, I will add another sheet to fill in location needs and estimated event sizes