Edgeryder server space

Nadia mentioned that there might be some under- or un-used edgeryder server space that we might be able to access? I would love to have place to back up all the video I have been shooting.

About right.

We have 450 GiB of space free, but it depends on your actual requirements if this is an adequate resource for a backup strategy. For example, if it’s ready-made public videos, a video hosting service like YouTube is probably better, and if it’s large amounts of raw uncut material, then a local backup strategy (two external disks in different places) would be better because of potentially slow-ish Internet connection on your side and the added workload on my side for keeping a large chunk of data secure, migrating it when we migrate servers etc…

But it depends – the Edgeryders server is certainly up to be used by the community wherever it is the right tool :slight_smile: So just tell me what exactly you need, and let’s see what is the best tool for it.

just a back up

All the finished videos are on Vimeo- but those are compressed versions so it would be nice to have the full quality videos backed up somewhere in addition to my external drive. I keep all the raw footage I am working with on an external drive as well which I will use for editing- but it would be good to have a place to back it up. In both cases having these videos in a place which others can access if they need it seems like a good idea.