Edgeryders and Global Challenges launch collaboration

Friends, you may have noticed the Edgeryders has been unusually quiet. There are several reasons for this. Amongst others that the new platform is in development and several community members, myself included, have working on getting it ready by February on volunteer basis. The other one is that several of us have been racing behind the scenes to build new partnerships with organisations other than the Council of Europe. One reason is to raise some money to cover the costs of organising the next lote event and some small capital to put into a crowdfunding campaign. The other is that we started Edgeryders not to just have conversations and collaborations amongst ourselves, but to facilitate members collaborations with all kinds of organisations and institutions all over Europe. And to build legitimacy for ourselves as a collective. The third reason being that we can see that Edgeryders is moving more towards action and it would be cool if it could better support concrete collaborations between members on projects coming out of the collectivity. This requires a lot of coordination, is extremely time consuming and quite unglamorous work. Today the first such collaboration has been finalised with an independent Swedish think tank called Global Challenges founded by former Deputy Governor of the Swedish central bank Kristina Persson . I’m writing a blogpost today or tomorrow about the details and calls to action but wanted to let everyone know first. And yes. this does mean that LOTE3 is definitely happening in Poland this spring! Want to help keep the community going and growing? For now all it takes is making it easier for everyone stay in touch:

  1. Check this blog regularly and leave comments
  2. Sign up on mailing list if you have’t already done it ( max. 2 newsletters out/month)
  3. Follow the Edgeryders twitter account

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for or collaborate with Edgeryders drop us a line at : edgeryders@gmail.com