Edgeryders and OpenVillage: Videos, Audio, Animations, Photos, Flyers, Logos etc


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القرية المفتوحة: إفادة المجتمع تزامنا مع بناء حياة أفضل للفرد - 1min, call for participation in OpenVillage


Edgeryders - A community and a company - 3 min video introducing what Edgeryders is. Click on the cc button for subtitles in Arabic, Dutch, English, French and German

Projects & Key Areas of Activity


How do we DIY welfare when systems fail? Introducing OpenCare - 3 min video introducing the opencare initiative from which the OpenVillage Vision was born (read the story here).

**FUTURESPOTTERS** [Futurespotters: building grassroots collaboration for Bucharest 2021](https://vimeo.com/138055115). _5 min, in which we meet some of our community members in Romania_.




_More Talk To Me videos available at: https://vimeo.com/channels/1289587_

Building our own futures together- one action at a time

Over the past year many of us have discovered we have many more resources than we think, especially when we pool them as a global community. So we are organising a workshops where we meet, build on the online conversation we’re having already and map local assets. The workshops are documented and shared with the rest of the International Edgeryders community to learn from and share the knowledge.

What are you building? How can we work together? Come tell us.

All we can offer is our time, knowledge skills and determination to help one another. It is more than enough to make things happen. Join us today at http://openvillage.edgeryders.eu

How are you making a living on the edge?




photos from the Cairo workshop taken by Ahmed Hamed