EdgeRyders and unMonastery: The Gathering

So, it seems we’re moving towards building an accidental critical mass of EdgeRyders in London on the 30th of November and 1st of December. Some of us have already agreed that we’d like to use the time to build and plan together. Floating in the background of this conversation is talk of the first Form Storm.

Lets make it official by framing an event, my feeling is that this should be relatively informal to reduce the organisational load but to make the most of our time together we should aim to complete some actionables and define a rough schedule. We’re also suggesting those in other countries hold gatherings and we create online hangouts between us.

For me there are several things I’d like to work on, these include:

  • unMonastery in Matera, pre-February (Related post)

  • unMonastery Co-Design, cementing our work at lote3 (Related Post)

  • Drafting 2 applications

  • What do you want to do?

Logistics, we need a location. Previously @fortyfoxes has suggested Somerset house, if that’s not possible I can put my house and project space on the table www.limazulu.co.uk – alternatively I might be able to get us space at LimeWharf.

I suggest we pencil the 30th as the day of action – 10am to 6pm. Then we see what materialises and potentially do something on Sunday also.

So that’s what I’m suggesting - what are your thoughts? What would you like to do?

To my knowledge those in London at this time will be and potentially joining us: @la_gaia, @ilariadauria, @hexayurt, @thejaymo, @noel_hatch, @fortyfoxes, Felix Waterhouse, @arthurd and …

Date: 2013-11-30 10:00:00 - 2013-11-30 18:00:00, Europe/London Time.

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Hi…I will be there for the Saturday…doubt that I will be allowed do the Sunday as well…

Three things I’d like to explore

  1. unMonastery: craft model to get them economically sustainable without funding. 
  2. #lote3 follow up: is building an economically sustainable format for regular reciprocal project-building and barnraising retreats.
  3. Prototype the edgeryders app and burnout prevention ideas we talked about at \#lote3 as well as David Bovills big idea.

Anyone else?

Three things I’d like to explore

  1. unMonastery: craft model to get them economically sustainable without funding. 
  2. #lote3 follow up: is building an economically sustainable format for regular reciprocal project-building and barnraising retreats.
  3. Prototype the edgeryders app and burnout prevention ideas we talked about at \#lote3 as well as David Bovills big idea.

Anyone else?

to participate in hangouts


Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to meet at these live gatherings…

But I do want to participate in hangouts.

(more into topics 2 and 3 Nadia just described)

Wish you all the best in this meetings, guys! ;- )

see you soon.

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Three things to bring to London explorations

  1. Wanna share ideas for supporting hacker health and avoiding burnout;

  2. Joining in suggestions about ER sustainable format for project collaborations;

  3. Seeking collective wisdom about own new project taking a day long workshop* on the road, searching avenues of non-contribution as well as funded opportunities, possibly with diverse partner practitioners stretching it to two days (e.g. via Giai, Demsoc?) … plus, requiring promotional platforms and website. (*Move Over Anxiety = using system-calming mindfulness and somatic awareness to minimise and reverse habitual anxiety symptoms while establishing new neural pathways - just like that, boom! Ha, ha.)

Looking forward to it,




The list could be much longer, but I feel that I really want to focus on making the unMonastery in Matera work out: to all that Ben wrote out I would simply ad:

  • website: options for re-designing it and rewording the Italian part

I’m putting myself a note to scan and upload the Vanity Fair article. I didn’t have it with me, but I can do it now I’m in Rome.

Reminder email I just sent to those who may be attending!

"I just wanted to alert you to the unEvent we’re planning on doing on Saturday, I’ve added a couple of you on the off chance that you might be in London and might like to join us. This is more a reminder than an email thread. 

If we could restrict discussion to the event page on EdgeRyders, that’d be great. 


In terms of formats and sessions, I was thinking mini unconference style, so a stack of 1-2 hour sessions, focused on key areas flagged in the linked thread. If anyone wants to suggest a format, schedule of events or formats for individual sessions, please do - if this doesn’t happen by end of day, I’ll suggest a structure. 

As it currently stands I’ve offered up my project space in North London, nearest tube is Manor house - we have decent internet and could cook lunch together. If there is an alternative space, please do offer it up - I was going to call a friend at the ICA and see if there’s any chance of using their studio space, as that would put us in central London, but it might be a big ask ^__~ "

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Not joining, sorry

No go – I’ll be on the road.

Side note: it’s a very fluid situation. I recommend touching base with Rossella at MT2019 just before, maybe Friday, so you guys work on the basis of up-to-date information.

Who should?

[Alberto] should [Ben] do this? Or can I get in contact (too) and get some feedback on the process + expectations?

Concreteness please!

@ilariadauria and everyone please steer clear of abstract level stuff like process and expectations when dealing with Rossella. We need to know if people are going to Matera over Christmas; and if so, whether any furniture building and plumbing is happening. We (meaning Paolo Verri, @ben and I are trying to divert the responsability and budget for fixing the unMonastery away from the highly unreliable Matera city council workers and onto DIY. If so, @antonioelettrico and @ritao need to be on call to make sure the materials. Maybe a plumber will need to be found and paid for at market rates. If LOTE3 is anything to go by, this will not be easy at all.

Please stay at this very concrete level for now. I am preparing a proposal for the 2014 bigger picture, to share with the web team and run past Paolo and Rossella. I would like to build an orderly, integrated proposal, and I ask everyone to refrain from involving MT2019 into strategizing until I am done. A lot of harm was caused in 2013 from doing things in an ad-hoc way.

Just to be clear

Speaking with Rossella, only ask about:

  • what can we expect over christmas in case people want to come over and help

  • not speak about selection process

  • not speak about february ecc

So just about Christmas

Personally, at this point, I want to focus on:

  • reboosting the website

  • submitting eu soc innovation application

I guess this means proposals submitted during LOTE3 and on MT2019 community (Profumo do Svolta) for Christmas have to be put on hold?

Yes (but)

Everything you write is right except the “improvised” activities over Christmas proposed by [giuseppecik]. These can and should go happily ahead, as they do not hurt in any way the strategic level. [Ben] is dealing with the application/selection himself. I am writing a proposal for the strategy, but I need to share it with the webteam first.

Funding & UnMon

Happy to help with funding applications. Are we focusing on EU Social Innovation & Che Fare apps or identifying other funding opps for unMon too?

Happy to help too with unMon co-design and curious about burnout prevention having read the #LOTE3 writeup. Couldn’t come to #LOTE so let me know I can be useful in either of these :wink:


FormStorm on Sunday

Is happening on Sunday after The Gathering. It is a right time for it. Come.


Is up here >>> /t/unmonastery/315/edgeryders-and-unmonastery-the-gathering-schedule


Somerset House > West wing, it’s 20 yards right from the skate ring as you walk under the archway from the main entrance at the front!

@TheRealHazzar Will be at the west wing reception from 10am!

Sorry guys cant make it

Are you guys going to be online somwhere or using a hashtag I can follow to communicate with you remotely?

Will be there in the afternoon

Heading up soon!

Following online

Same question with Nadia. Will it be possible to follow? How?