Edgeryders at Swedish national conference on growth and economic development!

Photo of Linköping sourced from Dove project blog http://comeniusdove.eu/dove/?p=20

On May 13-15 I will be participating in Tillväxtdagarna, an annual gathering of the Swedish political and commercial establishment taking place in Linköping this year. It is funded by one of the major Swedish banks and its apparent aim is to be “an arena for anyone that wants to create better conditions for local and regional growth, entrepreneurship and enterprise”.

I’ve been invited to participate in a panel called “To own one´s future – the new generation’s road to work and democracy”. The background is that Global Utmaning, and independent Swedish think tank through Nathalie Besèr asked me to get involved in producing an anthology originally about labour market conditions. They were wise enough to see the value in moving away from a top-down process of producing recommendations, and towards a real conversation. And dove into what is unfolding into a really interesting model for collaboration between the edges and the center.

The event coincides with the launch of the first edition of our anthology on Youth and the labour market in the Baltic Sea Region, the outcome of an ongoing collaboration with Global Challenge, an independent Swedish think tank founded Kristina Persson (former vice governor of the Swedish central bank). So we started an experimental process of open collaboration around a book. The first edition of the book is now ready, but the project is still ongoing. I have uploaded the parts I have written and if you want a copy of the full book just ping me.                             

I would like to take this opportunity to:

  1. Open a national conversation around some of what we have been discussing about work, the search for meaning and innovation. Especially now that Swedish and European elections are coming up.
  2. Ensure that credit is given where credit is due: in addition to making sure everyone who contributed significant content to the book is paid as agreed upon, what would be a good way of ensuring everyone who has contributed is acknowledged?

If you have ideas for how we could do this together, and would like to help post a comment below!

Some posts that might help

I wrote at least four wrap-up posts of Edgeryders 1, in different stages of the wrap-up. They might help in explaining to third parties what ER is all about, in post format. In chronological order:

  1. Unpacking \#LOTE: how institutions learn new ways. When a conference is not just a conference, but also a lab, a knoweldge harvesting device, a generator of intra-organization innovation
  2. Open government Xtreme: when public policy takes to the streets. "It could be the future of government: build platforms for collective actions, then step back and accept that you, as an elected representative or a civil servant, should make as few operational decisions as possible, and let yourself be overridden by ordinary citizens in most situations."
  3. #LOTE2 gearing up: can citizens do actual policy design? Scenes from a frank, respectful dialog between citizens and institutions. 
  4. Building policy-oriented communities for the European scale. Thinking back on the Edgeryders challenge, and the extent to which we lived up to it. This one is probably my favorite.
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