Edgeryders CI Design

This wiki contains all specs and visual materials related to the Edgeryders corporate identity design – well ok, that’s still mostly the logo :smile: Use this when producing visuals for Edgeryders.


1. Colors and Fonts

2. Logo

1. Colors and Fonts

  • Logo font. “Alternate Gothic No2 D Regular”, available for free download.

    (This was determined via WhatTheFont from the Edgeryders logo, as font information is not included in our logo files. The font above is a very close but not perfect match – there are slight differences in letter spacing, the inner radii of “D” etc… It’s the closest freely available though (so far), which is important in an open company in order to let anyone produce materials for it easily. We did not think about requiring open source fonts only when running the logo contest back in the days, unfortunately … .)

  • Logo colors: red and blue logos.

    • red: #f15c33
    • blue: #00aeef
    • white: #ffffff
  • Logo colors: other logos. As found in the round-logo folder of the Github repo.

    • green: #8dc878
    • orange: #f07e22
    • yellow: #e4e261
    • gray: #708297

2. Logo

All logo materials are stored in our edgeryders-graphics Github repo. So far we only use the round ones, stored there in /logo/round-logo.

The most frequently needed versions are also available below, as 2083×2083 px PNG images. Click on the image to see a large version, then save that; otherwise you’ll save a downscaled version.