Edgeryders come together: prologue

Finally, the day has come for us Edgeryders! I am very proud and cheerful to announce that Beta Testing for the on-line, collaborative, gamified platform starts next Monday, October 17th at 19.00 CET. Since we are getting a lot of high energy emails from beta testers, we have decided to make this into a quasi-party, in which all of us (beta testers and Edgeryders team alike) show up on the platform at the same time. It’s just an experiment - Edgeryders is really designed for asynchronous interaction - but it should be fun. If you want to join, this is your last chance to subscribe and join the team of testers! Our development team is restricting the maximum number of participants in this phase, but we still have a dozen places left (of course, once we go live there will be no such restriction and anybody will be able to join). By taking part in beta testing you get to access the platform, become a registered user and get to play the first of the Edgeryders campaigns before anyone else. Among other things, you will be able to

  • Share your transition story: let your experience on the battlefield be a resource for fellow Edgeryders and European policy makers.
  • Join one of the mysterious Houses of the Edge.
  • Find inspiration and valuable lessons for your own journey on other Edgeryders.

Have I revealed too much already? We are expecting a very diverse crowd, with people of all ages and from over 20 countries coming together on Edgeryders. Hosting the event are all team members: Nadia, Alberto, Vinay, Alberto MZ and myself. Carlo, Daniele and Ivan, our development team, will be watching closely but probably not interacting a lot (too busy monitoring the newborn platform’s performance). After the quasi-party, beta testing should continue at least until Thursday at 00.00 CET. Instructions are drafted as I write this and will be sent by private email to Edgeryders testers, together with the secret location of the platform. Stay tuned!