Edgeryders Developer Team

If you want to take part in testing, maintaining and developing the edgeryders.eu website, now or in the future, it would be great if you list and update your skills and availability here. Thanks all!

In alphabetic order.

Alberto. Skills:

  • fairly advanced user of the Drupal admin interface
  • know well the legacy architecture of the first Edgeryders site

Ben. Availability: I’m prepared to dedicate 4-5 days as an initial chunk of time. After this I can probably give 1 day a month on-going if required. Skills:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic Javascript (I understand it but can't write it very well)
  • Jquery
  • Photoshop
  • If we choose not to use Drupal I know: Concrete5, Vignette

Matt. Availability: happy with ca. 12-14 work days spread over the next year, in some way to be determined (pretty flexible mostly). If it gets significantly more, some form of compensation can keep me running for some more time. Web dev languages / technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Flash / ActionScript
  • SQL
  • JavaScript (takes me some time to write in it though ...)

Simon. Happy to contribute a few days here and there - very much depending on how much it ties in with other things I’d like to do. My technical skills are not extensive, but willing to learn anything that will be useful in other areas. What I would most enjoy would be planning and doing the really exciting stuff of building services that enable and facilitate the community we want to see and belong to.

  • HTML (though not the newest or fancy HTML5 stuff)
  • XML (some familiarity with XSD, but not deep)
  • CSS (familiar though not expert)
  • PHP (basic familiarity only)
  • Python (beginning learner but keen)
  • Cognitive aspects of usability design, site architecture, ontology
  • Interoperability considerations, specifications and standards
  • Radical concepts of what a web site might do - functionality

Tomek. Availability: I don’t have a lot of time now, but I should be able to get a few consecutive days in sometime mid-January. Skills, webdev specifically:

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Python (Flask, Tornado, Twisted.web, some Django)
  • SQL
  • Nginx, uwsgi and some experience with other servers
  • I also do very different stuff (C/C++, Asterisk, lots of other stuff I don't remember off-hand).

Dan. Skills:

  • Some experience working with Drupal, but several years out-of-date by now
  • good knowledge of (linux) server admin
  • know php, javascript, html, css
  • professional programmer/project-manager (but mainly working with python)

Others. More volunteers who offered their help with simple tasks (no special webdev skills) and website testing:

  • Pietro S.
  • Helene F.
  • Nicolas

What about tech levels?

Matt, I am up for helping. But I am not comfortable with doing module installation (at least not without guidance). On the other hand, if I did know how to install, that would come in handy. As a master of instructables, what’s your advice? Is there a step-by-step guide to installing Drupal modules I could digest?

Another issue is the back end. I was quite comfortable with the Drupal 6 admin interface; less so with D7; and even less with D7 Commons, that uses a lot of pre-packaged blocks. It seems to me that with Commons it is very easy to break everything and very hard to make small changes; since it already works quite well out of the box, the incentive is to leave it alone. Still don’t get how Views and Panelizer interlock. Should I invest time in figuring it out?

Much welcome

Yes, if you could find out how the admin interface is supposed to work in Drupal 7, that would be great. I know very little about it so far, so if you can document key findings by reworking this wiki article it would be great. About module installations, it’s not too difficult (some drush and git commands …) but as everyone’s Drupal management process is different, I’ll have to write our own instructable for this. Soon you can then practice module installations on the staging site without any risk of taking the real site down.

Happy to do some newcomer tasks…

Hi, as a newcomer, I’m happy to do a few newcomer tasks – I find correcting HTML / CSS formatting quite relaxing :wink:

Could someone answer a few basic questions that I can’t seem to find answers to, then I can do stuff? (including, is the list at the top up to date?)



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Well, thanks!

Hello Simon,

nice to meet you and thanks! Yes, to the best of my knowledge the list is up to date. For some of the tasks you will need some pointers or some admin access to the website. What would you like to do in particular? We’ll gladly set you up.


And thanks for your offer :slight_smile: We’re happy for having more helping hands. I’m currently managing most of the tech infrastructure of this platform, so feel free to ask what you want to know. (You have probably found our Developer’s Manual by now.) The task list is up to date, but more tasks available in my own lists … I just put some of the most important ones here.

Happy to help. . .

I’ve done quite a lot with live streaming including streaming RMS live using only free software.

I’d be happy to sort out the broken links but will need some guidance as to site structure.

For concerns about privacy of comms, please check out: Free software for freedom, surveillance and you — GNU MediaGoblin

Thanks a lot!

Thanks @seh_notts. What sort of guidance do you think you need? Do you have any experience with using CMSs like Drupal or Wordpress?