Edgeryders devlopment update: Better use of tools and routines for handling FAQs and off-topic discussion threads?

As number of users and level of participation in discussions on the platform goes up, so does the number of questions that pop up repeatedly and volume of content to go through to be able to participate. As the number of people managing the platform is very small and working on volunteer basis, how can we use the tools already available on platform to help:

  1. keep project spaces and discussion threads relevant and condusive to collaboration? 
  2. make it easier for people to post Edgderyders related questions and find answers to frequently asked questons?

My suggestion is to make better use of groups and voting and implementing new routines for dealing with FAQs and improving thread navigability/ relevance.

Proposed routines for moving content to FAQ & AGORA groups:

  • Comments containing questions that are likely to pop up as questions in different contexts and their replies moved on to FAQ page as posts and  comments. Authors of moved content are notified by email containing link to the post in FAQ group. Questions and comments upvoted, end up at the top as most relevant/ high quality. 
  • Comments that generate more general discussions that are not immediately relevant and or divert from intentions of original poster can be moved on to AGORA groups. This can be done either by the team managing the platform or the person who has started the group or posted the original entry. Authors of moved content are notified by email containing link to post in AGORA group. Posts and comments upvoted, end up at the top as most relevant/ high quality. 

​What do you guys think, makes sense? Can think of a better way to do this that you personally would be up for building yourself? 

Knowing when written text needs to migrate to face to face call

Trying to understand somebody through back and forward email is limited and constraining, not to mention conflicted. Knowing when it’s time to shift into skype or hangout mode could be built into the comment stream as a potential option and way out of these dead ends.

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