Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: See you there!

Ok a rough proposal for us to kick around:

  1. Basic idea: Get people to share what they are interested in through story, comment others - we use this as data on which we do ethno + social semantic analysis to identify topics or around which there are clusters projects/people building things. Then we organise the session on location with facilitars to get from discussion to shaping a concept note for something people want to do/build/research together that unlocks something for their work.

  2. Follow up: We publish concept notes and the discussions around them on platform. We then do a public collaborative comms campaign where we ask people to suggest calls for funding proposals that match with the concept notes.

  3. Next step: is follow up proposal development sprint for each concept cluser + the calls/opportunities for financing that are relevant for it. How: A number of concept notes + matching calls for submissions are selected for an event session where everyone leaves with a skeleton proposal fleshed out.

  4. Follow up on platform where we have feedback from people from the community who have experience in evaluating proposals e.g Martin , Alberto, Marco Manca, Katja, and others if they are up for it… They give partcipants feedback, ask questions etc.

What do you guys think? @BlackForestBoi @hugi ?

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that’s what we are here for :slight_smile:

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I will also set up a sheet to input the needs projects wise. (link will follow).

Regarding what is listed in the notion document:

  • You want 4 coaches, correct?

  • Are those to be there physically during the event or available for followup guidance online?

  • Do you have people in mind?

  • Do you have already an idea for an entity that would fit well to approach for sponsoring?

Hello @BlackForestBoi, we will be able to explain the support for followup projects better in the call on Tuesday.

Also, @davidseoane shared this link and it might be interesting for you in this and general sense: https://www.ngi.eu/join-ngi/

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Details on the needs of planned events can be registered here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i5sOTG-zoRrLmACPe8eW62YFi5-xsz_aUSUlAqqsCo8/edit?usp=sharing

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  • You want 4 coaches, correct?

More would be better, these were just ideas on the areas people could help.
Generally anybody who thinks they could contribute to the goals of getting those projects to funding is welcome and appreciated as a coach

  • Are those to be there physically during the event or available for followup guidance online?

Not necessary, but of course the more people wanna join physically the better.
Most important I find that they are available online in the forum and for calls to help the people in the process before and after the hackathon.

  • Do you have people in mind?

For some of the roles yes, also for some of the jury members.
Will add them to a document. Where would that make sense?

  • Do you have already an idea for an entity that would fit well to approach for sponsoring?

No, not yet. Need to still do this.

I think it would make sense to have a dedicated call for the hackathon after the call tomorrow and discuss how we approach it.


I really like that process.

Some thoughts:

  1. Not sure if we can get a facilitator on (each) location, a 1-1 call online seems more feasible.
    What would that facilitator do at that stage in your view?
  2. I just had the idea that the hackathon may be able to be repurposed to not necessarily coding, but writing a good proposal. Or the hackathon is used to build a part of the proposed project so that there is something to show. Always great with funders to see something tangible working.
  3. I wonder if that many projects will apply that are worth clustering by topic for the purpose of suggesting opportunities for funding, as opposed to just suggesting opportunities that are specifically suited for them individually. In the clustering process I intuitively see more value to find collaboration potential between the projects themselves. However I think that this then is not really automatable. But that is just my hunch on the focus of clustering, i generally like the idea of clustering to find synergies.
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@BlackForestBoi, we had similar thoughts. after today I will schedule 1-1 calls with main facilitators and from those events, we can develop calls together to create topical event groups.

To everyone, the original post has been updated quite a bit.

  1. We now have the budget: 12 000 EUR + 2500 EUR for travelling to be shared by all events

  2. Here is the form we developed in reaction to the questions coming up from your and our side to fill out with the details on your participations:

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We are moving towards the next step now :)!

We have figured out the over all budget (12 000 EUR + 2500 EUR for travel) and now we have to plan and see how to distribute it and what we need to do to help each other realise the workshops, hackathons and talks.

At this point do we need some more information from your side:

At the very least we need to know:

  1. Names of main organisers
  2. Date
  3. Title of the event
  4. Short description (1-3 sentences)
  5. How long is the event
  6. How many people?
  7. Where is the event?
  8. What else do you need?

You can quickly answer that in this sheet as soon as possible (this week!):


We developed this one specifically for the festival, taking into account the questions and needs that came up during the previous calls and discussions.

We need this to be filled out by everyone contributing an event by the 20th of September!

It is also a great help to develop your proposal post and/or prepare for the community call on the 17th of September 18:00 Brussels time:

During that call everyone who wants will be given up to 5 minutes to present their idea and get feedback and support from others. This is a great opportunity to develop your idea further before the initial proposal deadline on the 20th. After that date we will start to distribute budget and helpers, and the sooner you are in this process, the better!

Looking forward to your answers and to see you in the call!

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