Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: See you there!

Join us at Festival.edgeryders.eu

Community members and local contributors come together at happenings like workshops and talks connected to their own interests as well as the Edgeryders organisation’s official projects.

It is a #nospectators event: All activities in the program are built by the participants, for the participants:

  • Webinars
  • Satellite/affiliated events in multiple locations
  • Talks and workshops in different locations (Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm, Warsaw, …)

How can you be part of this?

Register for a ticket here: Edgeryders Forms

As a community of over 5000 members in 80 countries, It is important to us that the festival is inclusive, accessible and useful to every single participant - no matter where they are located. Also, we would like to set an example for how you can organise events that bring a lot of people together from different places in ecologically ethical ways. So we offer support for anyone who wishes to set up local events in their community or organisation as part of the festival program.

If you want to be a part of this process, tell us here: Edgeryders Forms

We will then point you to the ongoing discussions and further lead you through the process.


would love to contribute in some way. I heard a rumor that there might be local to Berlin events too?


awesome beans @JollyOrc! that sounds great! Can you tell us a little bit more about how you’d want to help?

We’re meeting next Tuesday at 6PM Berlin time on a community call about joining forces together to organize a few technology for good tracks. Others on this call will be @MariaEuler, @johncoate, @hugi, me and probably a bunch of others as well. See you there?

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I’ll happily help on the project management side of things, I can present/talk/workshop a topic and if there is a Berlin event, I’ll show up and be prepared to do things :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure there will be an Berlin event!

We will start to reach out in the community to see who else would like to join in in Berlin and who would have an idea for a location. :slight_smile:

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Hi folks.

I’m in Berlin and would love to contribute to this.

How I can help

I’ve been trying out a model at a few conferences for thinking through the levers available at a company level, called Platform, Packet, Process, along with the options you might rely on at public policy level, to drive some change.

I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far.

Also, earlier in May, I helped run OMG CLIMATE, an unconf about what we can do in tech to make it less of a tyre-fire, climate wise (the link has a bunch of writeups from the event). There were a few things that came out of that that would make for some useful content.

Finally, I’m now running workshops with my Green Web Foundation hat on, with orgs to help them audit how they build services and products - there’s a bunch of exercises from the workshops, that could work.

Where I need help contributing

I don’t understand where I’d post a proposal for a session though. Where do I post a new topic?

I also don’t know how you’re deciding if a proposal is a good fit, and what questions you’re using to decide if something would work for this. What info do you need in a proposal for it to be something you can make a meaningful judgement on?


great to have you interested @mrchrisadams! I think it’d be awesome if you could make it to the call on Tuesday - I’ll be there!

The Green Web Foundation really seems like something @ilaria, @marina, @alberto and others from our EarthOS crew would be interested in knowing more about - same re the OMG Climate unconf you helped organizing.

Perhaps great would be to discuss it “in-person” on Tuesday how we can make the Festival happen together?

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Hi @inge! Yeah, Tuesday sounds like it would work.

I’ll join the zoom room to chat around. Toodle-oo!


Hey folks,

I thought about a draft proposal for the Hackathon in Berlin and how to engage people into the ER community:

These are just very raw thoughts and nothing yet on the actual implementation of the day.
I was more thinking about the incentive structure for projects to join, and how they could be engaged in the community the most effectively.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


@BlackForestBoi sounds great and ambitious! Those projects that could participate in the workshop, do I understand correctly that all the ideas sc\hould be about dealing with privacy and information economy?

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As of now as those would allow to actually build something relatively fast, and it should be related to NGI if I understand correctly?
But of course we could broaden the scope. Any ideas?

@BlackForestBoi I think its a very suitable topical field.

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Going forward with this is important to know, if the proposal of helping the (winner) teams through the application process with NGI would be something the community is interested in.

In practice I thought maybe we can get together ~10 people in different areas who would want to spend 1-2 hours every month for 3 months or so to help them through that kickstarting process?

@MariaEuler @hugi @alberto @johncoate


Hei, just chiming in briefly,

This sounds great and looks more like an event in and of itself in terms of effort needed - do you have any idea what is the minimum team (members, hours) and time that it would require?

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Absolutely interesting. I guess the only question is what we’d need to make that happen?


The Deadline for the Festival proposals has been prolonged until the 20th of September.


@nadia how could we offer and communicate this type of project proposal support as a “win” motivation option for @BlackForestBoi s project in connection with the planned matchmaking events and proposal workshops later in the NGI project schedule? Or how else would be a good way to incorporate it?

The next community call discussing the festival will be on Tuesday the 3rd of September:

join the call here at 18:00 Brussels time: https://zoom.us/j/560175544


Absolutely interesting. I guess the only question is what we’d need to make that happen?

I added a section about the needs in the notion document.

@all: Can you think of other things we need?

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The matchmaking events and proposal workshop sounds like a great opportunity to help the teams who want to participate to find people and to get funding.

Is there any more information on those events already available that I can look at?

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