Edgeryders in Belarus: Hack4SocialChange 20-21st of September

1 day before the start of the first Hack4SocialChange in Belarus. This social Hackathon is organized by UNDP Belarus and I am very happy to be part of the organization of this event. The aim of this social Hackathon is to create a platform for social innovators where they can create a prototype (does not have to be technical) focusing on three prior identified spheres: Health, Environment and employment of people with disabilities. For each sphere we selected 3 teams of social innovators that will work on their ideas/projects and eventually present their build prototype the next day during the final. The ideas vary from building a mobile application for a 15 minutes interactive course on HIV to the development of a robot for people with disabilities.

Edgeryders, a global network for social innovators to find and support each other’s work, is also going to be active during the Hack4SocialChange. Not only by following the teams closely but also we continue with the building of the collaborative map on social innovators in Belarus. This is a great chance for Edgeryders to act since many social innovators will gather in one place.

Keep you posted! And check for the updated info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1475413589389060/


Their stories!

Well, I am considered a social innovator by some (this story), but usually not by myself laugh To myself, I’m just trying to solve problems that I have in a generic “once and for all” way. So, since money never worked out for me, I set out to find an alternative … or so the story goes, in reality in much less heroic terms of course.

What I wanted to say is just: I’m quite sure many of the social innovators at this meeting will also have their own personal stories and background that drive them towards working on the ideas they have, and keep them motivated. Could you find out some of these stories for us? They’re the best!

So … have a great day today among all the other social innovators, and thanks for organizing it, Masha!

Stories in the pipleine

Stories are always inspiring. Three have already been shared, in English and Russian, on the Mission: Belarus project (just filter content for posts). @masha_cheriakova and @hexayurt are hard at work on a bunch more… hopefully some new ones will come out of the hackathon.