Edgeryders Internet of Humans Fellows: Interviews and Podcasts with Peter Bihr

Peter Bihr is an expert on Internet of Things, especially in matters of policy. He is a co-founder of the ThingsCon annual conference, he has a consulting firm, The Waving Cat, he is a former Mozilla Fellow, and he co-founded a company that makes durable and stylish pants for travelers. As part of his Fellowship here, we interviewed him and he in turn interview some of his colleagues.


In this mp3 podcast, Peter discusses Internet values with Michelle Thorne from the Mozilla Foundation. Michelle talks about her ten years at the Mozilla Foundation, the state of internet participation, making the Internet-of-things open and responsible, the meaning of “open” in this context, The Open IoT Studio, and a new PhD program looking at responisble IoT, all with a focus on professionals and practitioners.

34 minutes, recorded July 2019.


Peter Bihr interviews Professor Jon Rogers from the University of Dundee (and also a Mozilla Fellow) in this mp3 podcast. Professor Rogers discusses origins of maker culture, the blurry line between consuming and producing, a recent design conference/retreat that led to using AI and film to show potential future scenarios through storytelling, the nature of surveillance today, and a deep look into what values and ethics must be built into networked technologies in public (and private) spaces.
42.4 minutes, recorded July 2019.

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Peter Bihr in conversation with John Coate, Inge Snip and Christian Buggedei n this mp3 podcast, which runs an hour and thirteen minutes. We discuss a wide range of topics from smart cities to internet of things, trust marks and certifications to how China is the center of hardware creation. recorded July 2019.

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Are there some written highlights or key messages, or should I listen to the full interviews? I doc not need a full transcript that is excessive but some points for discussion would be good to have.

Peter talks about the Edgeryders Internet of Humans project? I take it that is referring to the work of Edgeryders in NGI CSA FORWARD? I think it is best to mention NGI.eu and the CSA.

Lots of good pointers for discussion. Which stakeholders are you going to get involved? What are the next steps of building this into a larger public debate. How is things con engaging its community for this?
I will send my notes to the council list and ask colleagues to get involved.

Participation is more complicated.
Lack of governance from human side.
IoT projects that are open in designs, code, explanation of business model and how did it come to be, transparency builds trust
Part of that is disclosing what happens to the data

Roles of individuals and collective
Individuals can they protect themselves?
We see beginnings of collective bargaining, pools of users. See also datatrust (Delacroix), digital cooperatives.

Bringing the full story of connected projects :showing the ‘hidden’ infrastructures

Anatomy of AI as a reference project showing the network of stuff around a single device, Alexa.


IoT Trustmark
A Trustmark for the Internet of Things (IoT): The Trustable Technology Mark empowers consumers to make informed decisions & enables companies to prove their connected devices are trustworthy

Phd program
Amazingness of EU to foster training networks is unique in the world. The Eu itself is the most interesting and forward looking public good project.
Three year Phd program in Dundee: research through design, coding, legal, philosophical practices to advance a ‘healthier’ IoT

Greener web
Internet contributes as much to CO2 as airline industry, 2%.
We have to rethink the physicality of internet.
What would a carbon neutral internet look like?

What will be a focus:
Reforming our economic models

On that note

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Rob, I am also having these interviews transcribed. But I wanted to make them available in audio form first. So, coming soon…


Looking forward! I will then respond to the other interviews as well, Rob


Here is a transcript of the group call with Peter, Inge, Christian and myself. Edited for readability.

IoH Peter Bihr Interview edited TEXT 7-23-19.pdf (148.8 KB)


Thanks so much, John!