Edgeryders is heading where you are driving it

Edgeryders is becoming more action and collaboration focused by the day. At #LOTE2 alone many ambitious projects were launched some of which have already been submitted as entries to the European Social Innovation Competition, while techies in the community have started working on our new online home. @matthias :heart: is almost done migrating the blog data to Drupal 7 data, and next is moving all our data from the old platform to the new.

Ready to roll up your sleeves? We need more of you in the lineup to get there! Edgeryders as it is now is a result of many many gifts and massive support, especially our time put into an ever evolving pool of knowledge and serendipitous encounters. We’ve seen the magic at last year’s LOTEs, haven’t we?

But building a real community, growing it and making participation in it more valuable for everyone involved is a lot of work. The logistics of organising events like LOTE2 are really just the tip of the iceberg. Asta, Alberto, Matthias, Arthur, Thomas, Vinay, Ben, Ola, Helene, Eimhin, James, Petros and of course Nadia have been all volunteering their time. And those are just some of the people who’ve been active recently. Do you have some time to spare and would consider helping with one or more of the areas below? You get to learn something new, pick up a couple of valuable skills and grow your personal network while helping to keep the Edgeryders community going. Also if and when resources come in so we can pay people to do Edgeryders-related work, community members who we know have the needed skills would be the first to be offered any gigs. Now, if everybody was up for sparing a couple of hours per week, we’d probably get things done in no time. Much needed are:

  • content managers: curating content coming out from project collaborations; writeups of current progress; we need you here especially if you're interested in one of the ideas that made a bid for the Social Innovation Competition; James (#ekip), Ben, Ola (#unMonastery), Vinay, Nadia (#sc4sv) are already doing that. Ping them if you want to help with this!
  • network weavers: welcoming new members, keeping track of the things that come out of the network, emphasizing community-generated content and feeding relevant information to interested members; do a little bit of social media outreach; @noemi is already learning that. If you hurry you might get a paid trip and ticket to the Virtual Community Summit in London on February 7. Ping her today if you want to help with this!
  • Community members who'd like to learn how to effectively present interesting projects, people and places coming out of Edgeryders at conferences and other events with help from other edgeryders; this helps you navigate smoothly between networks and build social capital. @alberto and @nadia have been doing that successfully throughout all of the last year.
  • Drupal developers: helping @matthias migrate content to the new platform; customization and admin work are hardly a work for one person, also help him test the new site staging.edgeryders.eu. Ping @matthias if you want to help with this!

These are just some of the things needing to get done… Up for helping? Send an email containing description of what you’re interested in and around how much time you can afford to contribute to edgeryders@gmail.com.

Drop us a line even if you’re unsure of what you would like to do and we’ll figure out how to align your interests with something that needs doing in Edgeryders!


P.S: We’re taking the opportunity of setting up a new platform to evolve the Edgeryders visual profile. Which of Malica Worms proposals do you prefer for Edgeryders reloaded? Please vote your favorite, or give constructive critique in a comment below, we need this up on the website asap.

I like the first option best, the Pac-Man. Makes it easier to read if “EDGE RYDERS” is split in 2.

I’m an Edgeryder

Yeah, i think though the rounded badges should say “Im an Edgeryder” alternatively “proud member of Edgeryders” . Maybe also one that says ” Edgeryders came to play ball. All your courts are belong to us” :smiley:

First option as well

I would go for the first option as well. Besides Packman, Easy Rider also springs to mind. Edge Ryders – a tribe/cloud/community of nomads, geeks, innovators, activists in search of …

first one

I like the first one best too.

Currently unable to commit to any major works, and my computer time is going to be very limited for a while, so my driving will be very back seat.

network weaving


How can I get involved as an network weaver?

Best wishes,

Madalin Blidaru

Hi Madalin, sure we’d love to have you on board, let’s talk and set it up, see where our points of pain are :slight_smile: Can you drop me a line at noemi [dot]salantiu[at]gmail[dot]com?