Edgeryders is hiring a part time social media manager (call closed)

Edgeryders wants to build our existing channels into a powerful engine for opening and driving opportunities towards the community and its members. As well as reinforce the team with someone to do the daily tweeting and FB/Linkedin/etc status updating for Edgeryders. 

We will pay you 3000 euro gross of all taxes, in return for about 20% of your time. You may propose to invest an additional budget, not exceeding 1000 euro, for example in buying advertising space or making ER’s voice heard in a critical event. Please note that tax withholdings will vary with the legal status and nationality of the selected person. We expect you to dedicate about 8 hours a week to Edgeryders for the duration of the contract.

You can work from wherever you are, as long as you have a good quality Internet connection. If you are in Brussels, Dublin, northern Germany or Cluj-Napoca we have more chances to hang out together, but that’s absolutely not essential. What is essential is that you communicate clearly in English and in writing, and are comfortable with using groupware such as shared calendars, wikis, forums etc.


  1. Have a look at the goals we want to reach
    • Increase the traction and authoritativeness of our digital assets.
    • Increase signups onto the Edgderyders platform.
    • Increase content production (posts, wikis, tasks, events, comments) on the Edgeryders platform.
  2. For all goals, we wish to take an analytics-driven approach, with explicitly stated quantitative goals and conversions. Your proposal should include proposed metrics to be targeted, target levels and how these are monitored.'Think about how we could reach them together. Assume one person would be responsible for realising your ideas. Ideally you. Their toolset: The Edgeryders platform, Twitter account, Facebook account, Linkedin Page, Company Website, mailing list, a camera, an internet connection and a laptop. How would you go about reaching the goals, how could you tell how well you were doing and where you could make improvements?
  3. Tell us how you would do it in a post below. We will help one another develop the ideas until they feel sufficiently clear. And commit to put in 3 minutes a day to helping one another realise the ideas over the next 6 months. We will ask the world to help us decide which plan we should try. The person who proposed the idea and feels confident they can do it will be given the budget to make it happen within 6 months. The rest of us will support them as pledged. And together we will run rings around "business as usual".

About us: We are Edgeryders, a newborn social enterprise incorporated in the UK but working from all over the place. We are a small, vibrant, very international team serving a community of changemakers, social innovators and hackers in 20 countries. As social media manager, you will report to the CEO ([Nadia]) and work closely with the community manager ([Noemi]).

I can help with social media (even without a budget)

I could help with social media,

(even without a budget)

I think the best would be a “personal approach”

combining community co-management, welcome calls, and building engagement in making lote.

(and lote as a process, including community calls and coordinating tasks, and inviting to making collaborative projects together, creating new content on the platform)

All this involves social media interactions, and increasing participation in all ways.

But I can elaborate more on this if you want :slight_smile:

Also I would help to create more visibility to all the edgeryders interesting projects,

that sometimes get lost in the “all the things that want our attention” …

also I could make interesting interviews, about interesting projects,

and track the engement on social media and on the platform as a “measure of impact”

( I was quite succesful with my recent interview getting lot’s of social media engagement :slight_smile:

I know it’s a different topic maybe, but my interview had quite a social media impact, and was very popular as I was told by the p2p Foundation team in Ecuador :slight_smile:

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and of course I can use all the social media experience from (co)leading a social media team while making lote3 and making the social media Lote3 and unMon buzz :slight_smile:

( and I know the platform well so I can keep facilitatinng creating new content by the new edgeryders and making the edgeryders platform tours :slight_smile:


We need a solid project description

Hi Dorotea, how are you?

Happy to see your’re interested. So could you boil down your ideas above into a project proposal for how you would achieve the goals above? With a strategy, metrics, and timeline of activities? Then we discuss it and others together and make a decision which project we’re going to go with.

That is an interesting task! Here are some ideas:

  1. For more viral coverage we need attention from other network hubs (e.g. media and people with large or important networks) as outlined by Sharad Goel and others in here: http://5harad.com/papers/diffusion.pdf

  2. this boils down to content that would spread well. Something that makes a day for the reader/user. Things that are suprising, engaging and if possible, in attractive form. An interview will sometimes do, but it needs to add value visualizations, photos, etc. The key is that there has to be someone who actively looks for such content and has an eye for a good story and is capable of editing.

  3. From the moment we have the additional content, it should also be boosted with additional marketing budget to engage audiences around social media. It is the fact that FB is built so that additional boosts are rather vital there for example.

  4. I do not think that metrics should be too complicated in themselves. As the goal is to increase sign-ups to the platform itself, everything else should be aimed at creating the flow to the platform, which we can measure through shares, views, likes and stuff, but time spent on site and signups are the most important metrics then. Monitoring them is easy through the site analytics.

  5. We should also think of monitoring the specific audiences that we want to reach, since it might be really efficient to approach the right demographics. That would mean some additional planning with the team, since I do not have all the necessary data.

With best,




[Daniel Vaarik], are you really applying? I am flattered! And [Dorotea]… good to see you here!

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I do feel like doing something for you for some time already.


This is my idea.

I know Edgeryders platform and both Facebook and Twitter pages and this is what i mind to renovate:

  • low engagement (only 61 active users on 1600 fans)
  • number of contents (1 daily post)
  • kind of contents (95% links, 3,3% photos)

The goal (in 3 months) would be to double the number of fans and multiply (x10?) the number of people talking about our posts.

This is reachable by a splitted up strategy, starting from Edgeryders inside and looking for a new public.

  • Our Community Manager has to call to interact on social networks all people inside Edgeryders platform with such a recall. We need everyone's help in sharing, commenting and have a diffusion of our posts. We also need to generate a big quantity of material (photos, videos, graphics, articles, self experiences or opinions about Edgeryders or specific projects) useful for our daily posts.Activity on our page will automatically generate a renovate interest.
  • To plan a new rhythm and a new quantity of posts for Facebook/Twitter. The best would be to have a daily post for each project on Edgeryders platform, and several calls to partecipate and support them. (The best would be from 5 to 10 post each day from monday to friday)
  • The kind of our posts should be simple and easy to understand, supported with visual materials (photos, graphics, videos). A sort of a teaser of what's inside our post. (It's easy to observe that on Edgeryders Facebook page every post supported with visual materials are the most shared!)

Every month i can report weekly datas on: new public and targets, new engagement, Facebook and Twitter page performance.

With an extrabudget of 1000 euros we can plan a mini-video campaign on a buzz-marketing platform



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Hey! Nice to see you in here :slight_smile:

Ciao Paolo!

Are you in Matera or out and about?  Sorry about the late reply I had missed your comment!!!

So something was bothering me while reading the comments and I needed to go off and think about it. I realised we shouldn’t be doing this  temporary paid work nonsense at all. The whole point of Edgeyders is to invest in one another’s potential and support each other. So I came up with an idea and checked with Said, Dorotea, Daniel and others. Had I not missed your comment I would have asked you too! but it doesn’t matter because it’s open ended and anyone can be a part of it. The post is here and the group where it’s being coordinated is here. Would be lovely to see you involved.

ok I’ll try to make a proposal too :slight_smile:

Thank you Nadia and Alberto

ok I’ll try to make a proposal too, sometime today probably,

but I’ll aslo share some thoughts and guidelines that I think would be good to consider when talking about social media strategies for edgeryders, considering my social media team experiences while making lote3

Nice to meet you :slight_smile: this is my little contribute :slight_smile:


My name is Silvia and discovered your company only some days ago (sorry…) following the posts of Mr Alberto Cottica on FB.

Here my ideas about your project (state-of-the-art short analysis followed by proposals)

Company web site - honestly speaking, it is not so easy to understand your activities giving a look into your web site. I mean: everything is clear explained, but not with an immediate effect. You must have the willing (and the free time) to understand. This is not probably a good feature in the contemporary world where everyone is unfortunately trained to become a customer obtaining everything, including information, in just a second and without any effort. Moreover, generally speaking people first use the web looking for solving their some problems or answering any questions (first web engagement) and only at a later stafe they become inclined to offer or to engaged their capabilities in a project.

Probably it would be necessary to design a new web user journey. Your activities have a really great value, so more and more people must know them!

Twitter - you have 1,732 followers due to 5,213 tweets. Nor a Twitter star, but an ordinary journalist with a “normal” visibility on the newspaper has collected about 4,000 followers: one for each of their tweets. Yes, I know, the mere number of followers is not anymore considered a suitable parameter, but it is useful in any case if you consider it together with the engagement level, I mean the number of mentions, RT and “give and take”. They seem very low for you: I propose to tweet more frequently, to mention some authorities concerning your topics, to also share new about technology or similar collective experiences all over the world. I propose to ask and give followers answers, having conversations with them and frequently suggest to continue their esperience on your web company site, for example. Number of followers and expecially mentions and RT would be measured weekly, a great increase is expected already in the first month.

Facebook - you have page 1,165 likes and very few post likes or comments. A simple page showing only old photos of Milan has collected 78,000 likes with a medium of 300 likes for each photo and (this is more important) at least 15 comments (but also 150) for each photo also. I think this is not impossible for you in a historical time in which one citizen engagement is more and more establishing in many countries of the world. Also here: have conversations with people, ask and answer daily, at any time, sharing photos, new, curiosities, projects, new proposals (competitions or short educational free courses). If the first time they visit a page or a site people can find an answer to their need…they come back to visit more and more and probably at the end they can offer their capabilities to the community.

I think no more budget is necessary…only willing, enthusiasm, empathy…

That’ all :slight_smile:

To be honest, I am not a professional social media manager, I am only passionate in this matter, because I think that social media can be a powerful tool for inclusion and democracy.

I am an aerospatial engineer, graduated also in information systems applied to cultural heritage and in archaelogy, but unfortunately no one of these matter could became a job here in Italy. I work in TLC sector an you can find more on me on Linkedin  (any new contact is warmly welcomed) and on Silvia Marigonda - Milano (Italy) | about.me (@tedhel)

Thank you for your attention, Have a nice afternoon :slight_smile:


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Ciao Silvia, nice to read you :slight_smile:

It always makes me happy to be able to welcome new people into our home on the Internet. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I had managed to miss both your and Paolo’s comment for various reasons. So I read your comment and you are correct in your assesment about social media traction. At the same time the community is growing at a steady pace, as are the number of projects and collaborations coming out of it. My personal mission (as one of the founders) is to build infrastructure for p2p collaboration around work that is meaningful. Social, organisational, technical, economic and physical. On a global scale. And it seems there is something we are doing right-Just getting something like the unMonastery, a physical space that is inhabited by community members from all over building incredible projects is quite an achievement.

So the delicate balance lies in harnessing the social media presence to support this mission, and not contributing to wasted energy and attention in facebook and twitter conversations. It requires us to collaborate and share the work of making the platform better, crafting engaging stories about community members and their work, drawing support to various projects so they are more likely to succeed, helping others learn how we get things done and inspiring them to build more amazing things…you get the idea :slight_smile: It’s not something anyone can do alone, it requires us all to help…So we decided to make it easier to help. Maybe join /t/the-edgeryders-agency/374-0 ?

More ideas

Hey guys,

Here are my ideas for what I think a part-time social media specialist could do with Edgeryders.


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You got me at the Mini Karma Exchange Campaign

Deleted your copies :)) Whoa, this is a some intent letter Said, thumbs up literally. I’m upvoting it for being so fun to read.

I especially like the way you thought about the campaign, as a way for community members to get help for their small personal projects or tasks. I know for a fact this is needed, especially after our community event last year -Living on the Edge #3. It would also solve some of the problems about long and hard to read posts - instant gratification indeed. You definitely know how Edgeryders works and what would work even better.

@ [Paolo D’Ercole] and [Silvia M.]  The thing about platforms like Facebook is that we never intended to engage people on it/them, we’re just using it as a funnel to this community website (By the whe company website is different, although that’s a work in progress as well - here’s a link to it which escaped us in this post: company.edgeryders.eu ). Of course it can be so much better used. I wouldn’t set as goals in an Edgeryders social media campaign more engagement on facebook as the primary focus, but as an organic growth if more participation happens here on the platform that is of course much better storytold and packetized than now, and feeds back in thanks to the facebook engagement.  At least this would be my ideal situation :slight_smile:


Fixed your link :))

The company.edgeryders.eu URL now is the official one for the company website. I made it work yesterday.

(I never got how these double and triple comments happen. If somebody will enlighten me, I could maybe fix it in Drupal.)

Mattias, I know exactly how they happen

…it happens when the user clicks send but nothing seems to happen so they click send, again and again. I fell for it this time! Do we have a request for adding delete buttons in the queue?

Good to know

Thanks! So it seems to be the moment to switch to a queued mode for e-mail sending (b/c synchronous notification e-mails is what makes the page load time slow when sending a comment). Maybe I will also get AJAX comments done in Drupal Commons, I have to see.

Will also add the delete button.


[Matthias], I second that. It happens, it happens…

Delete button added.

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