Edgeryders is over. Edgeryders is just beginning

EdgeRyders is a network that formed to work on a 2011 Council of Europe report, “Handbook for Policymakers” and a set of practical policy recommendations. The goal was to have young (mostly under 25) Europeans take part in a collaborative policy process, acting as “citizen experts” and advisors to European policy makers. Edgeryders as a joint Council of Europe European Commission project has come to an end with the delivery of the report draft. So is the fun over? Hardly. Edgeryders is really just getting started :slight_smile: What came out of this exercise is perhaps surprising: a strong network spanning over 20 countries, which has persisted beyond the initial impetus from Council of Europe and taken on an identity and a life of its own.  Edgeryders is becoming more action and collaboration focused by the day. At #LOTE2 alone 4 ambitious projects were launched three of which have already been submitted as entries to the European Social Innovation Competition! It is clear that Edgeryders and the lote events could potentially generate a lot more value for all of us if we continue to come together, inspire one another and help each other peer to peer. The problem is that we cannot rely on external support for the network because it’s value is not easily captured, nor should it be, by any one party. So we’re going to need everyone’s help to keep it going. So what now, do we keep using the old platform? No. We are putting our time,  and a little money into migrating the platform into a new home at this address.   Want to help keep the community going and growing? For now all it takes is making it easier for everyone stay in touch:

  1. Check this blog regularly and leave comments
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  3. Follow the Edgeryders twitter account

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for or collaborate with Edgeryders drop us a line at : edgeryders@gmail.com