Edgeryders moving forward. Your role in this

Building the Edgeryders transition handbook

We want to collaboratively build a document to help make sense of transition as experienced by Edgeryders. In a clear and concise way we would like to crystallise common challenges and resources we draw from in attempting to address them. Which approaches seem promising? Which risks are carried by whom in realising them? Once we have identified them, the next step is thinking about how we act on lessons learned from those initiatives if we are to address challenges tied to transition for the Edgeryders community as a whole? How about for much larger numbers of people? The aim of the document is to pool our knowledge and collective intelligence as a community to figure out things together that are difficult if not impossible to do as an individual. We’re thinking working on it from something like this, what do you think? Of course we will use the platform throughout discussions. As a key resource, here’s Rebecca’s presentation from LOTE on ethnographic findings and a summary of the session. More to come on how we can coordinate throughout this phase of pushing Edgeryders experiences forward.

Efforts and initiatives led by community members

Some Edgeryders have started working on ideas that came out of #edgecamp. You can team up with them and give a hand!

  • Unmonastery/ Edgestations: Remember that great feeling of being in a room full of people doing interesting, inspiring things in all kinds of areas? What if you could experience that 24/7, whenever you wanted? Ola, Ben, Darren, Nadia and more are working from this google doc

  • “Dear Funders, it’s just not working” Check out Anthony’s letter and tell us if you’d be up for a webinar on the topic with smb who knows funding procedures?

  • Edgeryders as association? building collaborations with local institutions by setting up events that connect them with innovators and makers. What kind of (legal) identity we would need? This is an important aspect as it means we’d become a self-organizing community - if others are up for putting your time in this please signal it on the platform.

-Update on Permanent collective in Leipzig :

  • other incubating ideas: Nadia’s Wyldcards, participatory budgeting (nurturing the economic commons), Matthias's EarthOS, State in a Box ( the ultimate survival tool for local government in acute transition ). A suggested idea is that the people involved launch a call to action on the platform so that the community sees it and it’s easier to join and coordinate from there.

Improving the Edgeryders platform

During #Edgecamp several ideas were put forward for how to improve the platform in order for it to better support collaboration between community members. Can you guys please get in touch and help refine this idea?

Planning the \#lote and \#edgecamp events

-Some Edgeryders are organizing local events via this meetup site, if you’re around join them for the next!

If you have an initiative that you would be excited about driving, please let us know. That way we can use the different channels (Edgeryders platform, twitter and facebook accounts etc) to direct attention to what you are doing. Ideally, you would create a post on the platform or write to us at edgeryders@gmail.com including:

  1. URL of post or pad or other document you are working out of

  2. A summary of what you want to do and why

  3. Tell us what others in the communities could help with in order to take the initiative further.