Edgeryders on Leiden ISIE 2023 for An ethnography of the automobile

Our abstract An ethnography of the automobile: A participatory tool for understanding human behavior in automotive recycling context prepared by @Nica and myself, has been accepted by the scientific committee of the 11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology (ISIE2023).

Our proposal for a long-format oral presentation (presentation time: 10-12 minutes, plus 3-5 minutes discussion) has been accepted and it is a great opportunity to see @Nica in person in the old world.

Some of the other Treasure partners are going to attend the conference and we should use this to organise the ethno workshops for our part of the Treasure research. Let’s discuss the preliminary details this Wednesday during the call.

The conference itself is a biennial event organised by the International Society for Industrial Ecology. After several years abroad, it comes back to Europe and is scheduled

Detailed session information and the full program are arriving at a later date.
In the meantime, the ExOrdo abstract management system will soon reopen if we want to make minor edits before finalization of the book of abstracts.

One person (Nica) presents and must register no later than 2 June 2023 to have the presentation included in the program.
Become an ISIE member to receive a discount. Early bird registration with reduced fees is extended to 25 April.

@marina, @matthias



@ivan and @marina – can the registration and travel logistics and such be handled directly through Edgeryders?

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Usually the bookings can be made with the company card but I think for that @ivan would need to go to the office no?

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Yes, we can do that, let us discuss it well tomorrow in the Reznet call.