Edgeryders presentation at Emergent Berlin

Edgeryders gave a short presentation at the Emergent Berlin festival on 16 August 2014. The event is a festival of sustainable urban culture, including a series of talks about social and cultural projects. @danohu described LOTE4 and the edgeryders model, with contributions from @dorotea and @Hazem. The slides for the talk are here.

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To the point

I just browsed through the slides and I like how you “defined” Edgeryders … or rather, stood away from defining and showed the various aspects of what it is in practice.

There is a hilarious story about LOTE2, where everyone tried to come up with a definition  of Edgeryders and its purpose, and it was still not clear at the end. Next time, we’ll do like you and just describe rather than define …

Agree with Matthias :slight_smile:

Thank you, just had a look and it seems like it’s obviously for an audience that reads :slight_smile:

Curious what were the reactions and have people understood? Did it get them curious?

We’ve been experimenting with presentations, and when I did mines a while ago in Georgia and Armenia I used Nadia’s model, presentation to inspire and get people to ask “what’s this exactly? how can I be a part of”? That’s mainly done through storytelling…

re-use of slides

hi @danohu , I could ask you in person , but i ask you here on the platform , maybe we could work on easily reusable version of the slides ? not really sure what this would mean in practice, for now I would just like to reuse the slides at our event in Amsterdam, and I’m thinking how to facilitate it to others as well, we can talk about it sometime soon, as a kind of conference presentation stewardship …