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Hi! Please add: a 9 x 30 table with columns for: Name of session | 1 paragraph description of content (suggestion: use Facebook group status updates about session in run up to event) | url to existing  session event page | url to new session (wiki) | tags/ keywords | name of presenter | url to their storytelling/communication kit (wiki) | twitter handle | linkedin url

Name of session Description Event Page/ notes/ wiki video/audio documentation Presenter/host storytelling communication kit twitter handle Linkedin url
Using data, technology, design, creativity and innovation for effective storytelling In some way we all tell stories – transform reports into something that is digestible by data journalists, policy makers, activists, donors, recipients https://edgeryders.eu/using-data-technology-design-creativity-and-innovation-for-effective   @ericnbarrett   ericnbarrett    
Market Activism Learning from the experience of Las Indias in Latin America & File Aesir in Spain https://edgeryders.eu/market-activism  

@Grupo Cooperativo de las Indias

@Juanjo Pina

Leadership, Sharing and Bureaucracy: can we work together? Every sharing initiative is operating as a system of 3 bureaucracies: the owners, the managers, the protectors https://edgeryders.eu/leadership-sharing-and-bureaucracy-can-we-work-together http://goo.gl/D7gNx7 @Vinay Gupta   leashless    
unMonastery at Futurespotters   /t/unmonastery/315-futurespotters http://goo.gl/LCwz3b @Ben   benvickers_    
Let's find open source tools for everything in life - EarthOS

 There is an open source solution for nearly everything: low-cost, diy, sustainable, free to hack, modify and share away.

/t/futurespotters-event/410/open-source-everything   @Matthias   matjahu    
Share your stories visually, connect with people and projects you'd love   https://edgeryders.eu/share-your-stories-visually-connect-with-people-and-projects-you-d   @Alessandro Mambelli   alemambelli    
Earning an income when money doesn't work MakerFox demo: your moneyless marketplace https://edgeryders.eu/futturespotters-event/makerfox-live-demo http://goo.gl/lCl7Ok @Matthias   matjahu    
Spot the Future ethnography: a draft report presentation Who are participants in the project and what are they talking about? https://edgeryders.eu/spf-ethnography-a-draft-report-presentation   @Inga Popovaite   -    
STF ethnography: focus group discussion In depth look at the challenges and aspirations faces by young people in Armenia, Georgia, Egypt https://edgeryders.eu/spf-ethnography-focus-group-discussion-final-conference   @Inga Popovaite        
UNDP Egypt, Georgia, Armenia: what next?   https://edgeryders.eu/undp-armenia-egypt-georgia-what-next


Play to learn: the play city model for community based learning spaces   https://edgeryders.eu/play-to-learn-the-play-city-model-for-community-based-learning-spaces


  @Ulrike von Ruecker   labanita    
Social activists' monuments in Armenia   https://edgeryders.eu/social-activists-monuments-in-armenia   @Enli   enlilia    
Urban planning for citizenry   https://edgeryders.eu/urban-planning-for-citizenry-draft



@Elene Margvelashvili



too wide table

help needed

what to do with this 9 slot table ? can we customize this page only to be without the recent activity slot on the right ?


One thing would be to keep the descriptions to a max 1 sentence.

Another would be once the table is done to put it up as a page in the upper menu with max width and where everyone can find it…

PS I’ve also updated the table overriding your text because I had already done too many edits while you were editing too :slight_smile: You can always find it in revision history and copy-paste the important text.

It’s possible but…

…you’ll need to create a specific content type, the minisite page. See discussion here with @Matthias https://edgeryders.eu/designing-templates-etc


Just thinking that a quick hack for this would be to put the table in a div with a fixed width and a background colour to cover up the activity tab. Not tested but something like:

<div style=“background-color:#FFFFFF;width:1200px;”><table style=“width:1200px;”>TABLE CONTENT</table></div>

That’s creative :slight_smile:

Creative idea, yet a cleaner (and small screen friendly) option would be to modify the table layout. Grouping several columns together into one, where values are then below each other in one cell in list-type.

Moved this to the Public Speaking group

… where it belongs!

Thank you, this is great!

We could even turn the posts into a book! check out books.edgeryders.eu