Edgeryders switches to a better server

In preparation of the UNDP Spot the Future project, I moved the Edgeryders site and all other websites from our webserver to a new webserver. This is my first post with the site running on the new server already.

We are still with Germany-based Host Europe, but now have a package with the following improvements:

  • Guaranteed CPU time. We now have two cores on an Intel Xeon E5-2620 2.1 GHz CPU forever, which is an improvement over a VPS with CPU time sharing before. The super-slow moments of the site should be history now. (We simply were a bit unlucky with the last server, as we arrived at a machine that had at least one site that caused load peaks at times ... .)
  • 8 GiB RAM. Compared to about 3 GiB at the old server, this is more than enough for PHP-FPM below, and for some free web hosting that we can offer to the Edgeryders community :)
  • Ubuntu 13.10 (compared to Ubuntu 10.04 on the old server)
  • ISPConfig. My favorite open source web hosting control panel, replacing commercial Plesk 11 from the old server.
  • PHP 5.5 (this version comes with the integrated OpCache, already enabled, which should speed up sites considerably; I have to fine-tune it still)
  • PHP-FPM. A faster PHP process manager that is possible with ISPConfig, but was impossible with Plesk. At the moment we're on FastCGI as I have to iron out an issue with it still, but expect a further speedup soon :)
  • Improved security. I have installed fail2ban (firewalling people for 10 minutes after 3 failed logins to SSH etc.) and suexec based full access rights isolation of websites against each other. Both was not possible in the Plesk-based setup of the old server.

(Also having to move a community website without downtime or concurrent updates? I have documented the process that I used.)

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Thank you!

Awesome bit of work… I’m not sure that any of us understand how much work this was nor how complicated…and then you documented the process as well… Very professional… ( edited to remove weird spellchecker edits!!)

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"Any sufficiently advanced hacking…

… is indistinguishable from witchcraft." Yup, the website seems much faster. Move this post to the blog?

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Blog … mmh

This piece is just a tech update – nothing that’s interesting or understandable in general, but the most that I was motivated to do after spending hours in the trenches :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t mind, you may move it to the blog as is, or if you feel like creating a more interesting text, even better …