Edgeryders v2.0 - Are you coming?

Dear Edgeryders!

It is about time that we meet again, this time in Brussels from 6th to 9th of December . This time there will be very limited budget, no official funding so we’ve to figure out some things on our own. Mainly how to get there and where to stay. We are trying to organize this so it’ll be as cheap as possible for everyone who wishes to attend. Are you coming? Let us know, as soon as possible! We’ll need to have a good idea who’s going to show up as soon as possible so it’ll be easier to organize everything!

How to get there?

There are cheap flights, bus and train tickets available to Brussels, but you’ve to book now. If not, carpooling, hitch hiking and websites as Mit fahr gelegenheit could be a viable option for some people.

Where to stay?

We’ll try to fix a free or at least cheap accommodation for everyone. Do you have a place to stay in Brussels? Do you think it could host few more Edgeryders? Couch surfing and Airbnb will probably be your best friend, otherwise we’ll try to find a cheap accommodation in Youth hostels. Let us know as soon as possible!

What are your ideas?

Edgeryders is a chance to express what’s been going on in your mind lately. Is there something in particular you want to discuss? Anything interesting you’ve been working on lately and want to share with us? Let us know, we’ll organize something!

I have put up a Google Spreadsheet document where you can fill in your contact information. I know that there are many among us who avoid Google as much as possible and I don’t blame them, therefore you can email me the following details to me - astagh@gmail.com.


  1. Are you coming?
  2. Name
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
  5. If you eat something, could it kill you? (allergies)
  6. Did you partake in the first Edgeryder’s conference or are you a newcomer?
  7. Where are you located? Country- city.
  8. Where are you from? (And to you guys who don’t like this question: Which country issues your passport? Planet earth is not a suitable answer.)

Methods of travel: 

  1. How? Expected time of arrival – flight number and other relevant detail might be useful.
  2. If you’re driving- is there space in your car? (carpooling)
  3. Departure date and time.

Accommodation status:

  1. Do you need accommodation or can you fix it yourself?
  2. If you have already fixed accommodation- is there space for one more Edgeryder?

Something else that might be useful and want to discuss? Let us know!

You can either send this information to me at astagh@gmail.com OR answer the survey. If there are any other questions- please just ask, we’ll try to answer them as fast as possible!

Spread the word! Twitter hashtag for the event will be #LOTE2!

See you there!


ridesharing, hospitatlity, etc :slight_smile:

ridesharing - you can find list of few services at:

hitchhiking - please check out http://hitchwiki.org and their great maps of spots worldwide to hichhike from!

hospitality - i suggest creating an activity on http://couchsurfing.org + group on http://bewelcome.org


Thanks for some really great points  Elf!

I’ve made an activity on Couch Surfing, you can find it here: http://www.couchsurfing.org/activity/view/GS9UNK/edgeryders-v2-0-needs-your-help . Please join to give it more credibility! I am not familiar with bewelcome.org, are you?

Idea : Encouraging participation in European Parliament election

My Idea : 

TEAM \#4

“Encouraging participation in European Parliament elections”…2014.



Elections 2014...Parlement Européen. 

Best regards,

Morgane BRAVO