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All over Europe and beyond people are building a new world together. Amazing projects demonstrate hope for the future and visions of the world which is possible when we work together. In London, Brixton Village became a thriving example of what people can achieve when young entrepreneurs worked together to revitalize a fading historic arcade. Many people living their dreams together changed one corner of the world.

Edgeryders and Citizens in the Lab wants to collect examples of these important green shoots. Please tell us about the amazing things you and your friends are doing, or have visited, so that we can showcase the cultural innovation which is shaping a new way of making our way in the world. We are interested in new kinds of employment, social enterprises and other projects which embody new values, cultural centres, galleries, projects and teams. If it’s a place that people can visit, so much the better - take a tour in your own city or while you are travelling, and see some of the New Planet.

Help us spotlight the best efforts happening at local and national levels. Please add key individuals or organizations, innovation centers, NGOs, co-working spaces on the Google map below.
Edgeryders Worldwide

Good for you:  Raising awareness about your initiative or project increases the likelihood that you will meet others who might be interested in what you do, have helpful advice or even want to contribute to your project. We will feature your project on Citizen in the Lab and the Edgeryders blog, as well as on social media. Think of it as free PR. Also, sharing your experiences  about what you are doing, and being open to questions can very inspiring. You can write in any language you like.


Good for everyone: The purpose of this initative is to enable people to learn from each other’s strategies, successes and mistakes. By sharing yours, you are making everyone a little wiser. You are also helping us to design better policy.

Where does this all go? In addition to creating a useful guide of initiatives outside the mainstream, you are contributing  towards better policy in Europe; you can read more about how we are doing it in the executive summary. We are coordinating a community event on June 14-15 where Edgeryders from all over Europe will meet with European Policy makers in Strasbourg. The objective of this meetup is to discuss insights about the New Europe that Edgeryders like yourself are building and how European insitutions can contribute towards enabling it. Members of the commumnity will be involved in all stages of drafting the policy recommendations- all the way down to actually facilitating the sessions with policymakers. Save the date! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.


How to participate? Send your story to edgeryders@gmail.com and we can post it on the Edgeryders platform as well on the map for you. You can write in any language you like.  If you prefer to do it yourself it’s easy:


1. Sign up for an account here 

2. Go to this page and tell us about your initiative or project.

3. Edit the map  by Logging in to CommunityWalk and add key individuals or organizations, innovation centers, NGOs, co-working spaces, etc… Don’t forget to add a URL to your site, as well as an email address and twitter handle to make it easier for those interested in your project to contact you!



How can I help make it awesome?


1. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word! ( edgeryders )

2. Join the Edgeryders community and share your Ryde with us!

3.  Websites driving more entries to the map is how we get a useful resource for everyone!  Embed this code for the map on your site,  andask the sites you love to do the same:

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 Edgeryders + Citizens in the Lab is a global community of futurebuilders..

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