Edgesense does not update. Permission problem again?

The Edgesense script runs every day driven by cron, as planned (see here). However, the network visualized by the dashboard is based on data last updated on February 13th 2016 (see here, look to the right of the time slider). If memory serves, that was the day @gandhiano last run manually the script. Also, Edgesense thinks there are 3,066 users, whereas there are now 3,141.

Here’s a hypothesis of what happens:

  • Edgesense wakes up every day, prompted by cron, reads the database and tries to save the users.json, nodes.json and comments.json files.
  • But it can't overwrite them, because they were created by the root user (Gualter). 
  • Next, Edgesense crunches the (old) data and spews out a (fresh) json that contains the network graph and metrics.
  • Which the dashboard displays. 
  • We do not see an alert, because the network json is not an old file. Still, the data do not update.

They were not owned by root but by web1, which is correct. However, the json files were strangely set to mode 400 (read-only), which might lead to them not being updated (the json files are effectively dated Feb 14th).

Changed to mode 600 (owner read-write), lets see if it runs properly tonight.


Looks good. Will check tomorrow and report.


It’s working ok now, after the permissions were changed.