Egypt in Numbers

Egypt in Numbers is a Project that is aims to make government data previously published by the Egyptian government accessible and usable. 

I want to move from the current website looking so hosting PDF’s

To a new website (Not pictured) hosting machine readable open format tables and browser based interactive Visualisations.


CAPMAS - the Egyptian statistical agency - releases a wide range of statistics regarding various sectors publicly called Egypt in Figures. So far, they have released:
Egypt in Figures 2015” website
Egypt in Figures 2014” website
Egypt in Figures 2011” website
In the spirit of tools like Mwazna, I hope to do 2 things with Egypt in Figures:
  1. Parse the PDF files to create machine readable (analysable) data files. 
  2. Create insightful Data Visualisations
So far I have parsed some files.
I’m also learning D3.js (an online graphic library) and attempting first visualisations. Check here

How can you contribute

There are three ways:

1. 5 min: Check the work and comment: What could be different? What is not clear? What is missing?

2. 30 min: Logo?

3. 1 hour: Help creating a landing site hosting all the new data files. I am free to different concepts ranging from a simple aggregation to Links (Some style) to full-on portals aka CKAN.


@Hegazy, you are an open data activist! And so am I. smiley

I may be able to help. Not as myself, but because I am the administrator and founder of the Spaghetti Open Data mailing list, by far the most active open data community in the Italian language. We are about 1200 people now, and the mailing list spews out 400-500 messages a month. Our first initiative, back in 2010, was to do exactly what you are doing now: build a national open data website, that at the time was missing (about a year after we had gone live, the Italian government got around to launching

I am very sure there are “pre-developed” CKAN-integrated sites you can download off some GitHub repo and install. Some of my friends recently swear by DKAN, which is Drupal: so you get the CMS part and the CKAN part in one website. A ready-to-install version of DKAN is here (I have not tried it myself).

What do you need to get started? I might be able to get some help in Italy.

Links broken

By the way, your links to Egypt in figures are broken. smiley

These were working links, I believe they were taken down by now :stuck_out_tongue: Good thing I created a local copy of the data.

Well that is some fantastic news. Spaghetti open data looks quite cool, perhaps we need our own Egyptian one! Right now I am halfway digitising all the pdf’s, and could need all the future help i can get. Looking forward.

I think I tried Pantheon droplets before (The readymade CKAN linked), they were a bit … weird for me. Anyway


If you give me specific instructions I can put out an email in Italian to the mailing list. We are not new to parsing PDFs; many producers of data make that particular mistake.

Thank you for the very generous offer :slight_smile:

What do you mean by specific instructions, as in pdf files and output expectations?


“Egyptian open data activists need help to parse some crazy PDF files. Can you help? They are here: <link>. Even doing one will be very useful.”

“My friend Hegazy is trying to parse 250 PDFs. Can any of you spend an hour on Skype to him, helping him to set up an effective workflow ?”

“Can we help our Egyptian counterparts set up an open data portal? Who has some time?”

You see, specifics. smiley

@Hegazy, great initiative that someone has started Egypt in Numbers as myself was checking for data for the project we’re working on it but couldn’t find any convenient resources. Anyway, I’d like to introduce Tarek Amr (@gr33ndata), one of the guys behind Mwazna and OpenMENA and Rayna (@MaliciaRouge), is behind OpenMENA. They both can help us for that or there would be some contribution regarding this initiative. PS: I’m somehow, will start contribution with OpenMENA by translating till the moment I finish my Ruby studying :smiley:

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Thats great, keep following the dropbox link for updated content until we have a proper placeholder website or something.

I already contacted Tarek Amr, and it would be great if you could make an introduction to Rayna (@MaliciaRouge). Thank you Samar :slight_smile: