Egypt problem!

in Egypt to get in touch with government is so hard to do , you have to know someone who can make you connect with them , and they hardly respond to you; Me and my friend are aiming to establish a project that it is goal is to help youth to have their own project , and we deal with ministry of investment and we face many problems but we are working on it.

can u say more about this idea

welcome again on board :slight_smile:

can u tell us more about this idea and how it could be implemented and what are the problems u face in dealing with the ministry of investments ?


The idea is about helping youth with great projects to implent them using the help specialized compnies in their field and the proper facilities from the government ; we had had some companies that will support us in different fields to support the projects , but the problem is with the government , they don’t want to do anything 

Bridge persons?

Hello @Muhammad Mahmoud. I am from Italy, and can tell you that in the past few years we have managed to establish a more constructive relationships with certain sectors of the government. This is due in part to some bridge persons, who have managed to set collaborative projects (some around open data or open government in general) and this has created some links of trust. Not everybody in government wants this open stuff, but that does not matter: what matters is that some do. Sometimes it is junior politicians looking for visibility; other times it may be some senior civil servant who sees a way to make an impact without damaging his or her career. That is enough to start building some small, positive experiences of collaboration, and these can then in turn be used to do more and expand the area of mutual trust. If everything goes well, of course.