Emails are delivered into the spam folder

As title says email deliverability isn’t very good for this website, my confirmation email got into spam folder and some people might have problem with this. Here how we can improve it:

  • Set email FROM address to (anything else from this domain). We shouldn't use gmail address unless our sending method is Gmail.
  • Check email spam score using this free online tool -

you are right

yes, you are right, we should solve this,

it’s a good idea to send emails from the address,

another thing that might cause recognising the email as spam

is that the platform sends out hundreds emails per day

( with link back to the platform, and sometimes more links )

and most of them might not be opened,

that’s why maybe for peoeople who can check the edgeryders platform just once a day,

it would be better to send just one email per day ( as an optional version to sending many emails per day )

so that they would open this one email hopefully.

( but it would be more difficult to ask them to open all the emails at once )

this might cause a small ‘open rate’

Of course for now we just have to set the filters that prevent emails going to spam,

this is what I did,

but sometimes I get a ‘warning’ that the message was not sent to spam only because of the filter I created… 

Hello Dorotea,

Open rate rarely causes issues with the spam.

If URLs are from the same domain they usually aren’t considered as spam, plus content rate, more reasonable text and image only when needed.

I don’t have information about email send out statists. I know that you’re sending confirmation emails and notifications, maybe newsletters as well (haven’t got one yet).

Another option would be to use proffesional SMTP service, like SendGrid or Mailgun, but it might not be cheap depending on monthly email numbers.


True, and thanks for reporting! The From: address is a remainder from the days when we had no e-mail addresses. I’ve switched that now to the “contact” address inside our own domain. That should fix the biggest issues with spammyness.

The tool seems nice – thanks! – but I have yet to find out how to use it from the server where our Drupal installation is running.

“Contact” as sender - more spam!

Now that the email where the platform notifications come from has been changed to, a significant part of my emails are going into Spam folder.

Could it be because “Contact” appears as the sender instead of Edgeryders? They look quite anonymous even to me,… Does anyone else experience this?

yes, me too

Some samples for the lab, please :slight_smile:

@Noemi and @Nadia,  please forward me a few examples of these supposedly spammy e-mails (as attachments, not using “forwarding as text”). They usually contain information added invisibly to the e-mail source code that indicates which spam fighting rules were triggered by them. Once I know that, I can fix it …

I do not suggest reverting to the address however. Because the spam score in the e-mails I get dropped from 22 before to -4 now (negative even, meaning “ham, not spam”).


. check email…