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Our marketing strategy

Hey Chara,

Communication and marketing is something that’s very important to us so we dedicate a lot of time and energy to it. Our theory is that the best way to market an event is to go out and tell people about it. Whenever we are trying to market an event we set up a stall on the highest traffic area in the college, we play fun games, use lots of posters and sweets and we tell people on an individual basis, this has proven to be very effective because lots of people get to hear about the event and they tell their friends, word of mouth has been our best marketing tool.

We also use social media campaigns and we regularly run competitions, we try to be as interactive and personal with our followers and members as possible.

We use posters and the other generic tools also. But without a doubt word of mouth and being active and visible has been the most effective way of communicating. One example of this was that we put our logo and website address on to hundreds of clothes pegs and we stuck them on people without them noticing :slight_smile:


time and income management

Ronan, thank you for sharing your project and for explaining it with more details!

I think that is a really interesting and scalable project and I imagine that it requires a lot of  time. So, I’d like to know how do you manage the study and this engaged activity? is this activity already able to give an income?

I have another curiosity: you wrote that university sustains your project, but I don’t understand if the support is also economic.

Time Management :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Alessia,

Yes it is very time-consuming and sometimes my academic results suffer as a result, however, I have been top of my class since my first year and have stayed on top consistently. The reason I think I have been able to this is because I manage my time effectively. I keep various journals and diaries and I also try and work efficiently and not waste time. I think if you develop a strong work ethic that it is not hard to achieve in more than one field. I also strongly believe that by doing this extra activity it adds to the other areas of my life as it very fulfilling and it gives me a sense of purpose.

I don’t receive any financial income from RAG. Sometimes we order pizza for our meetings but that it.  I must admit that once we grow there will be a need to hire full-time staff and to pay them a wage, as with any other social enterprise, but for the meantime nobody gets paid :slight_smile:

If by economic support you mean financial support  then no the university does not give us any, however, all societies in the university are entitled to financial support for certain events and supplies, for example, sports clubs get money to buy equipment and you get support for events, as well as other things.

Time Management :stuck_out_tongue: