Encouraging community content curation

Hi Guys,

On some posts it is hard to wade through the comments. There are some threads on the old plaform with over 90 comments!

It would be nice to have ways for the really high quality content to float to the top. As well as for comments or questions which are deemed of interest to be more visible. This helps make each visit to a page more valuable for me the participant, and helps set the standards for more input into a topic. Plus it helps surface people who are especially knowledgable or interested in a topic in the community.

But this kind of content curation cannot be done top down by community managers for many reasons. One of which is that they cannot know what would be gauged of more value by thousands of people. The other is that there is no way we can keep up. So it needs to be decentralised.

I’ve checked out different reputation, badge  and points based systems for community content curation:

  1. Reputation systems: how others do it: http://groups.drupal.org/node/209063

2. Module for creating a site similar to Stack Overflow http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/11566/module-for-creating-a-site-similar-to-stack-overflow

What do you think would be the better option, and could be implemented with the minimal investment of time?

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Now that’s funny

Because when bringing up yesterday the proposal to create the “Edgeryders Guide for Edgeryders” content with a stackoverflow.com type of interface, I had completely forgotten that you proposed this first here. And in my view, it’s also the better proposal of the two. With comments, one tends to break thread context by hiding some comments or showing some at the top. A stackoverlow.com type site however keeps people aware that content is split in independent chunks called “answers”. (In contrast to StackOverflow, we should just care to allow socially interactive comments as well, but hide these by default.)

So I guess I’ll care to implement this when I find time. Or better, I prepare it as a task for the OuiShare Labs.